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Cycle for Change , 31°


Updated in May 2009

Cycle for Change is a Himalayan environmental cycling project all about educating, connecting, inspiring and helping people to become more involved in the fight against climate change. It’s also about adventure, action, and change and we would love for you to become involved. By riding our bicycles through some ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Lifestyle & Behavior, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Transport, Travel, Water, Weather

Good Food March 2012 - Call for Action!, 30°


Updated in August 2012

GOOD FOOD MARCH 2012 A citizen gathering on the future of food and farming in Europe - in front of EU Parliament. This summer, farmers, citizens and young people will bring their demands for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) directly to the ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Agriculture & Food, Air Quality, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Climate Change, Deforestation, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Events, Food, Global Dimming, Green energy, Health, Media, Organic, Permaculture, Politics & Government, Pollution, Poverty & Development, Recycling, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Smart Growth, Solar, Transition Towns, Travel, Water

Cycle for Change, 30°


Updated in January 2009

Welcome to Cycle for Change, the Himalayan cycling adventure dedicated to inspiring and educating people all over the world about the effects of climate change, what’s being done about it and providing solutions to help us all contribute to changing our shared situation. Come and follow our journey and ...

Project about Climate Change, Education, Emissions, Environmental Disasters, Events, Green energy, Population, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Solar, Travel, Water, Weather

Energy Economy Real Facts, 30°

On Line, United States

Updated in April 2009

Help us flesh out the "real deal" on various options for action on climate change. In other words, what does it really cost, how do you pay for it, what are the tax breaks, how does it really work? For instance, I explained how our business photovoltaic system helped us ...

Project about Architecture, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Carbon Sequestration, Clean Technologies, Coal & Oil, Design, Economics, Electric vehicles, Energy Saving, Finance & Money, Green energy, Nuclear, Solar, Transport, Travel

Jayride, 26°, New Zealand

Updated in October 2009

Put some green back in your wallet with New Zealand's rideshare and carpool network. Jayride is a free online ride matching service to help you travel New Zealand cheaper and greener. Register for Jayride and share your ride with New Zealand for free. We'll put you in touch ...

Project about Transport, Travel

Carpool King, 21°

New Zealand

Updated in March 2009

Carpool King is a global social carpooling network to connect drivers and passengers and it's free!

Project about Emissions, Energy Saving, Transport, Travel

Top 10 Places To Travel In Cambodia, 20°


Updated this month

Cambodia is one of the most incredible destinations which offers numerous things that will make your trip memorable. Cambodia will take you back in time to explore its rich culture. The country offers tropical beaches, colonial buildings and an abundance of natural attractions. To make your trip easier, here is ...

Project about Travel

iPhotographGod, 20°

United States

Updated in August 2009

Stop wasting resources and increasing global warming by seeking "something out there". iPhotographGod is a site devoted to Seeing The Divine Beauty Right Here - Right Now! The more we see and experience the beauty of NOW, the less we will have to destroy the environment by tring to feel good ...

Project about Philosophy & Religion, Smart Growth, Travel

A drive to Mandurah!, 15°

Perth, Australia

Updated this month

Driving across the city living every part of it on wheels is a sheer joy. It is a comfortable joy as one carries the independence of taking the own good time and designing an itinerary as per ones choice. The timed schedule of trip makers often keeps one on a ...

Project about Travel

New Media and Youth Action, 15°

United States

Updated in August 2009

using social media tools at, to share activist experiences from the local community level to the global level, by sharing journal entries, photos, videos, and travel experiences.

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Education, Events, Food, Health, Media, Poverty & Development, Smart Growth, Transition Towns, Transport, Travel

Electric Vehicles - Zero Emissions - Saving Our Planet for Future Generations, 15°

Auckland, New Zealand

Updated in September 2009

Promote Electric Vehicles into our environment. Spread the message and the knowledge about Alternate Fuels and Electric Vehicles. Our environment is being polluted with harmful gases and other toxins which are not only hurting our environment but also our daily lives are being compromised by the toxins around us. We ...

Project about Air Quality, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Energy Saving, Green energy, Pollution, Transport, Travel

KBC Japan Co,. Ltd, 15°

3-19-23,Marunouchi,Naka-Ku,Nagoya-Shi,Aichi-Ken,46, Japan

Updated this month

KBC is one of the leading automobile Exporter based in Japan with head office at Nagoya and regional offices in 5 different countries.

Project about Travel

FAQs on School trips, 10°

United States

Updated this month

One of the most valuable times of our life is school; it is the base of life. And if the base is strong then the whole life becomes easy to figure out. School trips are the most essential trips that should be attended as it gives us the ideas, experience ...

Project about Travel

Choose exciting adventures with Group Travel Tours, 10°

United States

Updated this month

Travelling is the best inspiration that leads you to the most beautiful destinationsand leaves magical imprints in your heart. It magnifies human emotions and make best of their lives. Travelling in the ancient times was all about risk a d danger encounters. But, with the advancement in human civilization, we ...

Project about Travel

Advantages of travelling in Group, 10°

United States

Updated this month

Travelling is a passion of the people who want to explore the world in a unique by own way. And meeting new friend, new people, doing some adventurous things which you had never tried before in life -This is the main objectives of travelling. Travelling can be done within the ...

Project about Travel

Economic and Easy means of traveling, 10°

Perth, Australia

Updated this month

The role of transportation in daily life is often ignored by men, today, due to the invention of cars which have put wheels on the running feet across the globe. Days look smooth and fast because we have the ease of communication. The hurdle arises on days when the car ...

Project about Travel, 10°

Baltimore, United States

Updated in March 2013 is a progressive Art Movement that raises awareness on global issues through public art campaigns. We make Inspiring Art, We Raise Awarness, and We Donate 50% of all profit to charity. Creating Positive Change is not something to be taken lightly. At Guzzled we like to use the ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Agriculture & Food, Art & Culture, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Consumerism, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Education, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Events, Finance & Money, Global Dimming, Green energy, Industry & Business, Lifestyle & Behavior, Media, Politics & Government, Pollution, Poverty & Development, Recycling, Smart Growth, Solar, Transport, Travel, War

Finding a suitable accommodation in Bahrain!, 10°

Bahrain, Bahrain

Updated last month

With the arrival of summer, most of us might be planning for a vacation at some exotic locations of the world. And one such location is Bahrain! It is a great destination for summer vacations with beautiful places to see and affordable accommodation to stay. When you visit the place ...

Project about Travel

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