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Film and Lecture Series, 81°

Toronto (but the tour is international), Canada

Updated in September 2011

Gemini Humanitarian Award winner Mark Terry has made two highly influential films on climate change: The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning and The Polar Explorer. His work with the world's scientific community in the polar regions has earned him the Canadian Chapter of The Explorer's Club's highest ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Art & Culture, Celebrities, Climate Change, Education, Environment & Wildlife, Events, Media, Politics & Government, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Transition Towns, Water, Weather

Waiora - Arteries of Life - Art Award, 30°

New Zealand, New Zealand

Updated in May 2009

Young New Zealand artists (aged 18-25) are invited to submit a proposal for an artwork that is an interpretation of ‘Waiora, Arteries of Aotearoa’. The successful proposal will be given $1000 for material costs, and a cash prize of $1000. The artwork will be exhibited in Wellington in July 2009 ...

Project about Art & Culture, Water

The maximum net sports sport, 10°

United States

Updated last month

Selecting a certain game to participate yourself with specially on line is not difficult to do when you bottom on that which you want. For example, you are a person who wants to indulge into activities matter a good choice of sport you must have are the places game. It ...

Project about Art & Culture, 10°

Baltimore, United States

Updated in March 2013 is a progressive Art Movement that raises awareness on global issues through public art campaigns. We make Inspiring Art, We Raise Awarness, and We Donate 50% of all profit to charity. Creating Positive Change is not something to be taken lightly. At Guzzled we like to use the ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Agriculture & Food, Art & Culture, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Consumerism, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Education, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Events, Finance & Money, Global Dimming, Green energy, Industry & Business, Lifestyle & Behavior, Media, Politics & Government, Pollution, Poverty & Development, Recycling, Smart Growth, Solar, Transport, Travel, War

Emergency Food Supply, 10°

New York, United States

Updated in October 2011

Launch with the aim to bring the best online foods have taken a revolutionary approach and is now excelling in the business of offering affordable, simple, dependable and dehydrated yet, ready-made meals. Emergency meals, outdoor food kits and long term food supply are its specialty.

Project about Art & Culture

Top scored car activities, 10°

United States

Updated last month

How about the very best rated vehicle activities that you'll find on the web? What are the advantages you may get once you perform with one of these activities? These games actually are many suitable for those that loves racing. Because of the feeling like they're on the ...

Project about Art & Culture

Topnotch online shopping guidelines to help make your experience more pleasurable, 10°

United States

Updated last month

There's basically no need for you to go wasting your time at local malls since you can now benefit from the wonders of shopping on the internet. It does not matter what product you are planning to buy, it will certainly be available on the net; whether it is ...

Project about Art & Culture

Forthcoming dressup activities, 10°

United States

Updated last month

Are you currently caught up with the gown games on the web which can be accessible due to the features they've and the enjoyment as well that you get while enjoying? Then get ready because there are more forthcoming dress-up activities which can be coming soon. These games are ...

Project about Art & Culture

The Journey of Jesus Salas, 10°

United States

Updated last month

One of the most remarkable stories that has ever come out of the radio broadcasting industry, Jesus Salas, took his determination and natural leadership skills to create the best radio content as an executive for one of the largest Hispanic owned and operated radio broadcasting networks in the nation. His ...

Project about Art & Culture

Things You Should Know About Acting Classes For Beginners, 10°


Updated last month

To pursue your career as an actor, first find right acting classes. There are lots acting school that you can choose. But as a beginner how you can decide which one is best for you. To resolve your problem here we present checklist that may help you in making your ...

Project about Art & Culture

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