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Accommodation Melbourne Airport – Advantages of Hotel near Airport, 10°


Updated 1 hour ago

Melbourne is one of the leading cities in the world, located in the country of Australia. The city is known for its engaging tourism interests and various commercial activities. Several budding industries are nurtured in this city and thus it has gradually become a global hub for business and commercial ...

Project about Travel

Finding Proper Events Venues in Melbourne – A Guide for Wedding Event, 10°


Updated 1 hour ago

So you have decided the time and date of your big day? Congratulations! Getting married is an unparallel experience of life and everyone wants to make it memorable for the rest of the life. But the grand excitement of wedding comes with different other big responsibilities of that particular day ...

Project about Travel

Hot Sauce : That Everyone Loves, 10°

Bisbee, Arizona, United States

Updated 10 hours ago

As we already know, that sauce is a thick liquid which has a unique taste or flavour which is generally used to increase the taste of any eatable thing. Sauce can be of any taste, it can be spicy, sweet or solty. Nowadays, there are many different colours of sauces ...

Project about Food

Niman Ranch - The Essentials of Sustainability, 10°

Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., United States

Updated 19 hours ago

Niman Ranch is a meat purveyor based out of San Francisco, CA who has been helping both small family-owned farms as well as the environment with their heavy focus on environmental stewardship. The company prides itself on raising a network of over 700 different small farms that all adhere to ...

Project about Food

Need civil engineering project assistances? Simply log into these assignment assisting websites now!, 10°

United States

Updated yesterday

Do you have loads of civil engineering assignments or for that matter civil engineering homework to complete? Well fear no more as there are several online civil engineering assignment help websites in Google who assist students complete their assignments or home works in no time at all. Civil assignments or ...

Project about Education

An account on some of the existing assignment encryption services:, 10°

United States

Updated yesterday

In every academics, assignments are fast becoming essential parts. It is assigned as home works to enhance their writing abilities as well as upgrade their skills so that one can understand their understanding capacity and knowledge levels. However with the number of subjects increasing these assignments are also pilling up ...

Project about Education

Log in to online assignment websites and get assignments done in enjoyable manner!, 10°

United States

Updated yesterday

With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, the internet has rendered several benefits to its users. Take this for example- there are several parents who for the sake of maintaining their life-style do not have the time to sit with their kids and assist them complete their ...

Project about Education

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans: The Eden Alternative, 10°

New Orleans,LA,USA, United States

Updated yesterday

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans has an unwavering commitment to providing, every patient, every resident, the same level of high-quality care and service. As leader of St. Margaret’s, a longtime leader in local healthcare, Stansberry continues to demonstrate this commitment through a top-tier staff, a focus on compassion and ...

Project about Health

Vancouver WA Dentist, 10°

United States

Updated this month

Research has shown that almost everybody has a 95% chance of experiencing some tooth decay. When tooth decay does occur, it is highly important to remove the decay, clean the tooth and repair the tooth with some type of restoration.

Project about Health

State of the Art / Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech / Featured Development - GEARTURBINE PROJECT, 61°

Monterrey NL Mexico, Mexico

Updated in November 2014

 Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic 
Technology Proposal Submission
 Novel Fueled Motor Engine Type 

*State of the art Innovative concept Top system Higher efficient percent. 
Have similar system of the Aeolipile Heron Steam device from Alexandria 10-70 AD. -New Form-Function Motor-Engine Device. Next Step, Epic Design Change, Broken-Seal Revelation. -Desirable Power-Plant ...

Project about Design

greening the island of a thousand, 25°

jakarta, indonesia, Indonesia

Updated in September 2014

Is a thousand thousand island archipelago which has a resort islands and population, thousand island consists of several islands are often visited by foreign and local tourists, thousand island has water sport facilities and can also snorkeling and diving to see the beauty of underwater nature. travel a thousand islands ...

Project about Travel

Seed Beginning Methods: Begin Your Sustainable Yard Today, 10°

United States

Updated in September 2014

(NaturalNews) Growing your own personal food for wellness, enjoyment, and sustainability is just a no-brainer. You can develop your personal superfoods, tasty morsels, and more and you don`t need a lot of space or know-how to do it. Now's the full time to get started if you intend ...

Project about Organic

Appliance Spare parts | Appliance Repairs, 10°

NSW| ABN 93 135761027, Australia

Updated in May 2013

We have coverage in the majority of metropolitan areas around Australia and pride ourselves in the high quality of repairs and providing outstanding customer service.

Project about Architecture, 10°

Baltimore, United States

Updated in March 2013 is a progressive Art Movement that raises awareness on global issues through public art campaigns. We make Inspiring Art, We Raise Awarness, and We Donate 50% of all profit to charity. Creating Positive Change is not something to be taken lightly. At Guzzled we like to use the ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Agriculture & Food, Art & Culture, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Consumerism, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Education, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Events, Finance & Money, Global Dimming, Green energy, Industry & Business, Lifestyle & Behavior, Media, Politics & Government, Pollution, Poverty & Development, Recycling, Smart Growth, Solar, Transport, Travel, War

Good Food March 2012 - Call for Action!, 30°


Updated in August 2012

GOOD FOOD MARCH 2012 A citizen gathering on the future of food and farming in Europe - in front of EU Parliament. This summer, farmers, citizens and young people will bring their demands for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) directly to the ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Agriculture & Food, Air Quality, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Climate Change, Deforestation, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Events, Food, Global Dimming, Green energy, Health, Media, Organic, Permaculture, Politics & Government, Pollution, Poverty & Development, Recycling, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Smart Growth, Solar, Transition Towns, Travel, Water

Climate Scores, 25°

United States

Updated in July 2012

Our goal is to keep Congress accountable on climate change legislation and to create lasting policies that tackle this pressing issue. Congressmen will be scored on climate change legislation including bills and amendments on renewable energy, climate change mitigation, subsidies and tax policies, and greenhouse gas regulation. We will also ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Climate Change, Politics & Government

UK & Ireland Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, 10°

Leicester, UK, United Kingdom

Updated in April 2012

We are interested in establishing an Electric Vehicle(EV) Infrastructure within 10 minutes drive of all EV owners. We fund the cot of the Equipment, installation and provide the electricity and maintenance to any landowners providing the facility

Project about Clean Technologies, Finance & Money, Industry & Business, Smart Growth, Transition Towns, Transport

Community Reefs, 119°

Opotiki, New Zealand

Updated in April 2012

The eco benefits of forming fish growing reefs close to boat launching areas are many: Fishermen use significantly less petrol getting to where fish are. Simpler near shore fishing boats can be used. The fishing is action packed, fun and produces a great diversity of species. Smaller catches can be ...

Project about Agriculture & Food, Education, Energy Saving, Health, Poverty & Development, Transition Towns, Water

cheap textbooks, 15°

United States

Updated in March 2012

After tuition, one of the biggest expenses college students face is paying for required class materials such as textbooks. As textbooks are often used for only one semester, many students sell their books to reclaim some of the money originally spent to use for new textbooks the following semester, other ...

Project about Education

Give Water a Brake!, 10°

New York, NY, United States

Updated in March 2012, a consumer website that helps drivers make their cars greener has launched a state-by-state petition to ban copper and other hazardous materials in automotive brake pads. The Give Water a Brake campaign aims to highlight the fact that traditional brake pads consist of some nasty materials including copper ...

Project about Environment & Wildlife, Pollution, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Transport, Water

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