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What's Your Crazy Green Idea? Video Contest, 84°

A X PRIZE Foundation project in Santa Monica, United States

Updated in September 2008

The X PRIZE Foundation is hosting a competition on YouTube to find out what the next X PRIZE in the Energy and Environment sector is going to be. We're looking for crazy green idea that can become a breakthrough, and we're willing to pay $25,000 to the ...

Premium project about Agriculture & Food, Air Quality, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Trading, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Coal & Oil, Deforestation, Education, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Energy Saving, Global Dimming, Green energy, Pollution, Recycling, Solar

Ricoh Power Cycle, 149°

A Ricoh New Zealand project in Auckland, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008

Ricoh Eco Action Day, June 5 2008 Ricoh’s Eco Action Day is an annual practice across all our operations around the world, coinciding with World Environment Day. This year it was the perfect opportunity to launch an idea Ricoh New Zealand is aiming to spread across its branches – a ...

Premium project about Energy Saving, Events

Ricoh - Trees For Schools, 113°

A Ricoh New Zealand project in National, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008

Launched in May, Trees for Schools is a Ricoh New Zealand programme where we work with schools around the country to establish schemes for community fundraising selling native plants, in place of other options often high in sugar and fat. We are sourcing New Zealand native seedlings, and subsidising the ...

Premium project about Education, Environment & Wildlife

Stretching enthusiasm for weight lessening things, 10°

United States

Updated 8 hours ago

With the overall wellbeing care lion's offer of the masses over the world has been able to be wellbeing mindful. The extending issue of weight and its copartnered wellbeing dangers have obliged people to look for customary and strong methodologies to reduce, control and arrangement with their weight. Plexus ...

Project about Health

Jefferson Sosa, 10°

Waukesha, United States

Updated this week

Hey there! My name is Jeff and I am doing some research on China's Air Pollution and how it is affecting the world we live in today. Over the course of the last couple of weeks we have seen some news media coverage on the subject but not enough ...

Project about Air Quality, Art & Culture, Climate Change, Coal & Oil, Consumerism, Education, Emissions, Environment & Wildlife, Green energy, Media, Politics & Government, Pollution, Population

Getting high quality products at cheaper rates from online , 10°

United States

Updated this week

With internet technologies are progressing in advanced levels these days, online shopping is gaining popularity in different parts of the world due to several features. Several online stores and suppliers provide a wide range of high quality products for those who want to order them at lower prices. The main ...

Project about Media

Methodologies to select the best weight lessening thing , 10°

United States

Updated this month

Rotund people over the world have an ordinary address in their cerebrum that is the methods by which to select the best weight diminishment thing that meets desires. The web is overflowing with an a lot of customary and sound weight diminishment things and it gets troublesome to pick the ...

Project about Health

Instructions to dispose of the unwanted weight in the body? , 10°

United States

Updated this month

Being overweight is a worldwide issue. A large number of individuals far and wide are attempting diverse strategies and get-healthy plans to get of the unwanted weight in their body. Being overweight influences the wellbeing as well as the respect toward oneself and trust of an unique also. Being overweight ...

Project about Health

Tricks to purchase the very best antler spray, 10°

lewisville, United States

Updated this month

The athletes favor to make use of a spray that can increase their performance and help them to alleviate from exhaustion. Some sprays can improve their efficiency and reduce from their soreness. They may be produced with steroids which might be created with the chemical compounds. They're able to ...

Project about Alternative, Cohousing, & Off-Grid Living

Deer Antler Spray realizes men’s expectations on a convenient way of muscle development, 10°

United States, United States

Updated this month

(April 9, 2014) - Deer Antler Spray supports men with any expectation on the muscle development successfully. Users of this successful bodybuilding product get the most expected result within a short period. They feel happiness augment the body’s functions to produce IGF-1 that relevant to the HGH levels. The most ...

Project about Health

Beauty Dentistry has Numerous Benefits, 10°

lewisville, United States

Updated this month

Living with lacking, gapped or corroded teeth could be limiting, bothersome, and uncomfortable. The modern cosmetic dental perform might bring back the look and function of normal tooth, and can right pretty much any deficiency within a person's smile. Beauty Dentistry San Antonio has introduced fantastic expert remedy to ...

Project about Architecture

Male and Female Escorting in Singapore, 10°


Updated this month

Men have always been the kind of creatures who knew what they and their body would need and hence they have always worked towards getting it. It is something that is inborn in them to fend what they require and what they need. Men always required food so they looked ...

Project about Smart Growth

Contact Numbers Co supports users to contact N-Power customer service representative soon, 10°

Panama, Panama

Updated last month

UK, (March 19, 2014) – Contact Numbers Co provides npower contact number 0843 218 6824 to support individuals who desire to contact N-Power Company immediately. This platform has satisfied users of this phone number increasingly. This is because of a reliable support to speak to a representative in the customer service ...

Project about Events

Strategies and evaluations of Garcinia Cambogia pounds getting rid of extract internet, 10°

United States

Updated last month

A number of individuals really need fat dropping complement, nonetheless they disappoint while using duplicate goods out there on the market. These replicate products are certainly not healthier to individuals, and they include a tremendous quantity of toxic compounds which impacts the wellbeing from the man or woman. Deciding on ...

Project about Health

Garcinia Cambogia supports people who engage in a weight loss regimen, 10°

USA, United States

Updated last month

(March 12, 2014) – Garcinia Cambogia is the best product to individuals with a need to reduce weight. This weight loss supplement’s natural ingredients have the best stuff to increase the pace of weight reduction successfully. Garcinia Cambogia is also known as tamarindo de Malabar in Latin America. Many people ...

Project about Health

Help save humanity - Rainbow Lights project, 61°

United States

Updated in December 2013

Dear protectors of Earth, I was always sad about the way the Earth is treated and global warming causes. I was wondering what is the thing that our world needs the most on global and local level, because we are destroying ourselves. I came up with an enormous amount of ...

Project about Education

Appliance Spare parts | Appliance Repairs, 10°

NSW| ABN 93 135761027, Australia

Updated in May 2013

We have coverage in the majority of metropolitan areas around Australia and pride ourselves in the high quality of repairs and providing outstanding customer service.

Project about Architecture, 10°

Baltimore, United States

Updated in March 2013 is a progressive Art Movement that raises awareness on global issues through public art campaigns. We make Inspiring Art, We Raise Awarness, and We Donate 50% of all profit to charity. Creating Positive Change is not something to be taken lightly. At Guzzled we like to use the ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Agriculture & Food, Art & Culture, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Consumerism, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Education, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Events, Finance & Money, Global Dimming, Green energy, Industry & Business, Lifestyle & Behavior, Media, Politics & Government, Pollution, Poverty & Development, Recycling, Smart Growth, Solar, Transport, Travel, War

Easy Signs Inc, 10°

4786 NE 11 Ave #B Fort Lauderdale FL 33334, United States

Updated in February 2013

The acrylic photo printing is popular amount people because of its crystal clear picture prints. Again the picture never fades in any weather. Photo mounted on acrylic is a great way to transform the look and style to a new dimension. At Easy Signs inc we provides printing for all ...

Project about Population

Good Food March 2012 - Call for Action!, 30°


Updated in August 2012

GOOD FOOD MARCH 2012 A citizen gathering on the future of food and farming in Europe - in front of EU Parliament. This summer, farmers, citizens and young people will bring their demands for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) directly to the ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Agriculture & Food, Air Quality, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Climate Change, Deforestation, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Events, Food, Global Dimming, Green energy, Health, Media, Organic, Permaculture, Politics & Government, Pollution, Poverty & Development, Recycling, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Smart Growth, Solar, Transition Towns, Travel, Water

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