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RecyclingPins, 144°

Braga, Portugal

Updated in July 2008

Because of the large amount of trash that everyone produces every day it is very important to start thinking in our Planet's health! The basic idea is to "wear" in your page one of these RecyclingPins to remember all visitors the responsibility to Waste Recycling, Separation and Reutilization! You ...

Project about Climate Change, Computing, Education, Recycling

Islands First, 42°

New York City, United States

Updated in May 2008

Islands First was established at the behest of the UN missions of Small Island Developing States to facilitate their advocacy for international environmental justice. Although issues such as climate change and oceans destruction disproportionately threaten small island nations, international environmental policy is dominated by the political and economic interests of ...

Project about Climate Change, Computing, Water

How Outsourcing SEO Services Are Helpful To Your Business?, 25°

Mumbai, India

Updated this week

Then you always have the choice to resort to services from a professional SEO company. But it is one of the most challenging tasks to find an SEO company to whom you can Outsource SEO Projects and that will actually deliver you the best. Opting for a SEO company that ...

Project about Computing, 21°

new york, United States

Updated in March 2009

Earthnex is a passionate eco-conscious community platform dedicated to advancing environmentally friendly products and eco practices for greener living. We provide an outlet for you to express your concerns and address ecology issues to help make for a greener planet!

Project about Computing, 20°

United States, New Zealand, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008 is an open-source project to study a possible method of distributed generation. Using a scheme of "keep what you generate, share what you save" we are interested in building a software infrastructure together that would allow for a cost-sharing structure to eventually reduce the upfront cost of adopting ...

Project about Clean Technologies, Computing, Education, Energy Saving, Weather

Reach Globally through Digital marketing, 20°

Montreal, Canada

Updated this month

Introduction Growing your business online by any means is known as internet marketing. This form of marketing has changed the ways a service provider can connect to the customers. In earlier days a new startup has no choice but to provide services to the local market to establish its presence ...

Project about Computing

Permanent Hassle Free iPhone Factory Unlock Service Without Voiding The Warranty, 10°

United States

Updated this week

Are you sick of all the scams who claim to unlock your handset? At present, unlocking your iPhone is not that difficult as it was to be past period. But, it is important to understand what exactly do we mean by unlocking the iPhone? Unlocking means the iPhone is locked ...

Project about Computing

Making the Most of Innovation Consulting, 10°

United States

Updated this month

To transform a company in to a successful innovator, management has to know the need for a structured innovation process, just how to execute it effectively, and how exactly to fine-tune it. To obtain a head start, they could employ Innovation Consultants. Innovation Consulting firms are not scarce, but you ...

Project about Computing

Storing Your Data On A Cloud Can Ensure You The Reliability And Effectiveness Of Online Backup Servi, 5°


Updated this month

The Cloud based online backup services enables you to set up hardware for local storages, offering you with a 3rd replica of your data file on –premise, both off and on site, ensuring you have access to your data. Increasing the speed of the restore and offering additional flexibility. Theseservices ...

Project about Computing

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