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Conservation Volunteers - Action for Climate Change, 105°

A Conservation Volunteers Australia & New Zealand project in Nationwide in Australia & New Zealand, Australia

Updated in July 2008

This program is a new initiative managed by Conservation Volunteers to assist business and individuals to reduce their impact on the environment. We want to encourage every Australian to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created in their daily lives and provide a genuine offset opportunity by the establishment ...

Premium project about Climate Change, Deforestation, Environment & Wildlife, Logging, Pollution, Recycling, Water

Ricoh Power Cycle, 140°

A Ricoh New Zealand project in Auckland, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008

Ricoh Eco Action Day, June 5 2008 Ricoh’s Eco Action Day is an annual practice across all our operations around the world, coinciding with World Environment Day. This year it was the perfect opportunity to launch an idea Ricoh New Zealand is aiming to spread across its branches – a ...

Premium project about Energy Saving, Events

Ricoh - Trees For Schools, 96°

A Ricoh New Zealand project in National, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008

Launched in May, Trees for Schools is a Ricoh New Zealand programme where we work with schools around the country to establish schemes for community fundraising selling native plants, in place of other options often high in sugar and fat. We are sourcing New Zealand native seedlings, and subsidising the ...

Premium project about Education, Environment & Wildlife

WWF NZ Tuvalu Climate Change, 95°

A WWF New Zealand project in Nationwide, Tuvalu

Updated in July 2008

At a recent awareness raising workshop on climate change, Tuvalu developed a draft Blueprint for Action on Climate Change. This was developed through an open and consultative process, and through the participation of the Prime Minister, Hon. Maatia Toafa, members of parliament, heads of government departments, other government officials including ...

Premium project about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Water, Weather

Ricoh helps restore Motuihe Island, 166°

A Ricoh New Zealand project in Auckland, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008

On the morning of Sunday March 9, 2008, a team of over 100 Ricoh volunteers set out from downtown Auckland by ferry to Motuihe Island. Ricoh employees were joined by their families and friends for the day out, and even a couple of families from our Hamilton branch made the ...

Premium project about Deforestation, Environment & Wildlife

WWF NZ Climate Change Witness, 53°

A WWF New Zealand project in Wellington, New Zealand

Updated in May 2008

Some of the most compelling stories come from those who are already affected by climate change. WWF New Zealand is supporting a nationwide WWF witness programme that captures the publics imagination by engaging community interest in climate change across New Zealand and the pacific island nations. The following movies show ...

Premium project about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife

WWF NZ Smart Investment in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 57°

A WWF New Zealand project in Wellington, New Zealand

Updated in April 2008

Smart meters, residential heat pumps, residential hot water cylinder wraps, solar hot water and passive solar design provide the best combination of energy/dollar savings and emission reduction. WWF New Zealand - - has published a report that determines the top five demand side actions that give ...

Premium project about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife

Najwa Nadhir - How To Create Good Relationships With Tenants, 10°

Bloomfield Hills, United States

Updated 54 minutes ago

Najwa Nadhir is the CEO of BOSC Realty Advisors, which is a company that focuses on acquiring and developing retail properties, many of which go on to experience long and fruitful relationships with their eventual tenants. Strong management of these properties is crucial in cultivating these relationships and ensuring that ...

Project about Industry & Business

Slash Out Your Electric Bills with the New Solar Panels at the Top, 10°

United States

Updated 1 hour ago

This is a great time to enjoy a perfect space with utilizing the solar energy. Through this system one can very well utilize the natural source to energy to bring on a cut off on the normal electricity bills. Their main motto is to bring on a cut off on ...

Project about Industry & Business

Photographs: That Capture moment, 10°

Toronto, Canada

Updated 16 hours ago

The latest obsession amongst the youth is not shopping or eating or iPhone. It is being clicked like a celebrity and making lifetime moments. Whether it is a marriage party or red-carpet event or a business meeting a click is must to mark the presence and flaunt the sexy you ...

Project about Industry & Business

Many Troubles of Residing in an Apartment in Montgomery, AL, 10°

Florida, United States

Updated 17 hours ago

There is certainly nothing mistaken with flat living. Lofts have given people well to hundred of years, either as transient land for a modifying time or dependable land for the individuals who truly jump at the chance to have the autonomy of not taking care of for a greenery enclosure ...

Project about Travel

Investing In Commercial Solar Perth, 10°


Updated 17 hours ago

Nowadays, many commercial peoples are coming forward to install solar systems, since they realize the role of the renewable energy system in their business. Hence, there is no doubt that the installation of solar systems Perth is shown to be an ideal method for people to cut down their electricity ...

Project about Industry & Business

Cheap Tires         , 10°

United States

Updated 18 hours ago

Get the wheels you want and the tires you need. Rent to own brand name tire sets for as low as $14 per week. Complete sets of custom wheels for as low as $32 per week. You've got options with our easy payment plans for any budget. Established in ...

Project about Industry & Business

Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers - A Successful Mortgage Banking Company and CEO, 10°

Rockville Centre, United States

Updated 18 hours ago

Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers is a dedicated mortgage banking company that has been serving the needs of customers for years. They believe in providing the most comprehensive services in the industry, which includes purchase, construction, and refinance lending. They work hard in order to help their clients achieve their goals ...

Project about Industry & Business

Rikin Patel Helps Patients in Whitehall, 10°

Whitehall,PA,USA, United States

Updated 19 hours ago

Rikin Patel earned his Doctor of Pharmacy in 2012 from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. He spent years building his education and knowledge in this field and wanted to be able to help patients in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. He is a hardworking and dedicated pharmacist who owns and operates ...

Project about Health

Avail Great Grocery Labor Standards at Easy Cost, 10°

Distribution Labor Standards, United States

Updated 19 hours ago

5/30/2016- Connorsllc has been helping local people in managing great quality services as like Labor Management Consultants along with Retail consulting and so on You can always get in touch with them if looking for managing quality standards They have been taking great efforts as to manage Labor ...

Project about Industry & Business

Manage Your Service and Dreams to True Productivity with Connors, 10°

United States

Updated 20 hours ago

Management is not just to bring on with any single work and say it’s done. It need a lot of effort to bring on with the process and values that matters with managing any organization. This is the count on with the consultancy that has been bringing on with ...

Project about Industry & Business

Allow Your Labor Standards to Effort Your Retail Labor Budget, 10°


Updated 22 hours ago

Today’s competitive world needs new disciplines, thinking, and technologies for controlling a retail and distribution center. Managing labor costs are one of the crucial factors of that requirement. Currently, clients often look the outlook of labor standards progress as a demanding task. However, several management consultancy companies support a ...

Project about Industry & Business

Troy C Van Sickle: Record of Success, 10°

Palm Springs,California,USA, United States

Updated 23 hours ago

Troy C Van Sickle is a high accomplished business professional. He is a successful business owner who works and lives in Palm Springs, California. He has led very successful careers in both the real estate and trucking industries. He is a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA ...

Project about Finance & Money

Joe Palermo - Longtime Businessman in Lake Charles, 10°

Sulphur,LA,USA, United States

Updated 23 hours ago

Joe Palermo has owned Palermo Realty Development for over 50 years in the Lake Charles area. His work in the community has set the stage for many new business developments to come in and thrive, providing more opportunity for people in the area. Palermo took chances in the 1960s that ...

Project about Industry & Business

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