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What's Your Crazy Green Idea? Video Contest, 85°

A X PRIZE Foundation project in Santa Monica, United States

Updated in September 2008

The X PRIZE Foundation is hosting a competition on YouTube to find out what the next X PRIZE in the Energy and Environment sector is going to be. We're looking for crazy green idea that can become a breakthrough, and we're willing to pay $25,000 to the ...

Premium project about Agriculture & Food, Air Quality, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Trading, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Coal & Oil, Deforestation, Education, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Energy Saving, Global Dimming, Green energy, Pollution, Recycling, Solar

Conservation Volunteers - Action for Climate Change, 100°

A Conservation Volunteers Australia & New Zealand project in Nationwide in Australia & New Zealand, Australia

Updated in July 2008

This program is a new initiative managed by Conservation Volunteers to assist business and individuals to reduce their impact on the environment. We want to encourage every Australian to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created in their daily lives and provide a genuine offset opportunity by the establishment ...

Premium project about Climate Change, Deforestation, Environment & Wildlife, Logging, Pollution, Recycling, Water

Ricoh Power Cycle, 149°

A Ricoh New Zealand project in Auckland, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008

Ricoh Eco Action Day, June 5 2008 Ricoh’s Eco Action Day is an annual practice across all our operations around the world, coinciding with World Environment Day. This year it was the perfect opportunity to launch an idea Ricoh New Zealand is aiming to spread across its branches – a ...

Premium project about Energy Saving, Events

Ricoh - Trees For Schools, 113°

A Ricoh New Zealand project in National, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008

Launched in May, Trees for Schools is a Ricoh New Zealand programme where we work with schools around the country to establish schemes for community fundraising selling native plants, in place of other options often high in sugar and fat. We are sourcing New Zealand native seedlings, and subsidising the ...

Premium project about Education, Environment & Wildlife

WWF NZ Tuvalu Climate Change, 65°

A WWF New Zealand project in Nationwide, Tuvalu

Updated in July 2008

At a recent awareness raising workshop on climate change, Tuvalu developed a draft Blueprint for Action on Climate Change. This was developed through an open and consultative process, and through the participation of the Prime Minister, Hon. Maatia Toafa, members of parliament, heads of government departments, other government officials including ...

Premium project about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Water, Weather

Ricoh helps restore Motuihe Island, 190°

A Ricoh New Zealand project in Auckland, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008

On the morning of Sunday March 9, 2008, a team of over 100 Ricoh volunteers set out from downtown Auckland by ferry to Motuihe Island. Ricoh employees were joined by their families and friends for the day out, and even a couple of families from our Hamilton branch made the ...

Premium project about Deforestation, Environment & Wildlife

WWF NZ Climate Change Witness, 76°

A WWF New Zealand project in Wellington, New Zealand

Updated in May 2008

Some of the most compelling stories come from those who are already affected by climate change. WWF New Zealand is supporting a nationwide WWF witness programme that captures the publics imagination by engaging community interest in climate change across New Zealand and the pacific island nations. The following movies show ...

Premium project about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife

WWF NZ Smart Investment in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 76°

A WWF New Zealand project in Wellington, New Zealand

Updated in April 2008

Smart meters, residential heat pumps, residential hot water cylinder wraps, solar hot water and passive solar design provide the best combination of energy/dollar savings and emission reduction. WWF New Zealand - - has published a report that determines the top five demand side actions that give ...

Premium project about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife

Capture The Wedding Photography To Relish The Beautiful Moments, 10°

Alberta , Canada

Updated 14 hours ago

In present world all wants to take photography because the wedding is most important occasion that happens in the lives for all, it is the great time when the two hearts come into one and lives together for their entire life. So, no one miss to ignore such incidents of ...

Project about Art & Culture

How to Shape and Style Your Bonsai, 20°

AU, Australia

Updated 17 hours ago

One of the common misconceptions about Bonsai trees is that people believe they're genetically short trees. Bonsai trees are just normal trees, nevertheless, they have been kept in special size using advanced methods. There are different styles that can make Bonsai trees small like wiring and pruning and the ...

Project about Art & Culture

Chexsystems banks, 10°

United States

Updated yesterday

Chexsystems banks

Project about Finance & Money

Custom Creations Store Inc., 10°

7608 Juniper Valley Dr. Weed, , United States

Updated this week

Ccstoreinc offers you high quality Cheap Glass Pipes at affordable prices. Get 100% Satisfaction guarantee with numerous smoking needs accessories as heat resistant and healthy Glass Pipe.

Project about Clean Technologies

Relive Your Life With Regular Body Massage, 10°

Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated this week

You almost certainly be familiar with that massage therapy can facilitate to loosen up your muscles, improve your nap, and yet decrease your decrease your anxiety level, although did you be familiar with that it also boost up your immune system, it is really true facts, actually, anxiety and the ...

Project about Lifestyle & Behavior

Choose The Store to Best Fit in to All Your Needs, 10°

Chennai, India

Updated this week

Online shopping is one big thing that has made the world happy today. There is practically nothing that we cannot buy through the internet from the comfort of our homes. Right from high-end products to services, we have the luxury do get things at our door step within the blink ...

Project about Industry & Business

Calgary Photo Booth, 10°

calgary, Canada

Updated this week

Calgary Photo Booth is no new word for people who love to be clicked. Gone are the days of traditional photography where you needed a person to click photographs running around to capture the picture perfect moments. This is the latest technology has to offer to world of photography. These ...

Project about Art & Culture

What are The Advantages of SIP Trunking Over Analog Circuits?, 10°

Philippines, Philippines

Updated this week

SIP is a systems administration term and stands for Session Initiation Protocol. A SIP Trunk is the way that a telephone organization conveys telephony benefits over information join. The real trunk fittings conveys the telephone calls from the business site to the Pstn‚ giving the business their telephone service.sip ...

Project about Industry & Business

Plexus Slim Canada, 10°

126 Simcoe St. Suite #1107,Toronto,Ontario, Canada

Updated this week

You can get a reduced Plexus Slim cost by using our one simple trick. Save $15 by following the steps below. It's fast and easy and you can do it more than once

Project about Health

Functions of an Efficient Bankruptcy Attorney in Indianapolis, 10°

Indianapolis, United States

Updated this month

This is a misconception that many people have about the situation that they are stuck in. this is more of a psychological aspect of the situation as they are unable to hire a professional with the low finances they are facing. However, hiring a bankruptcy attorney for the case in ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism

How To Choose Cloud PBX?, 10°

Philippines, Philippines

Updated this month

Gone are the times of simple telephones that obliged the establishment of enormous gear consuming up room and utilizing power. Today there are cloud PBX hone frameworks accessible that offer an obvious edge to your business by expanding productivity while conceivably decreasing expenses. Facilitated IP PBX is a moderately new ...

Project about Industry & Business

Ground Lease Capital Partners, 10°

United States

Updated this month

Ground Lease Capital Partners, LLC (“GLCP”) is an alternative investment firm specializing in the niche area of ground leases within the real estate market.

Project about Economics

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