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In September 2011
Here-and-now., United States
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Gathering ideas collectively sharing techniques for building safer wi-fi free homes for children, animals, the environment as a whole, and all human beings on the planet.

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Chicken Wire as a positive deterrent to harmful wi-fi emfs. in September 2011 by Lisbeth Nook Arbour

People are discovering that the chicken wire in old plaster homes not only creates a lack of cell phone reception; positively it seems it provides a shield against damaging wi-fi energy fields that many believe is harmful to children, pets, and much of life.
So I was thinking of building straw bale and stucco earth houses with these shields of chicken wire built within the straw and stucco which may also prove to be beneficial in earthquakes...Being that we are in the midst of the advent of climate change it might be very wise. ;~)