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In January 2008
Tropical and subtropical counties, India
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About This Project 

This is a 20 year old project that is ongoing. It relates to the use of Vetiver grass, Chrysopogon zizanioides, for a wide range of applications that can impact on the very positively on the environment and climate.

The Vetiver Network International helps generate Vetiver Systems technology, disseminates information, and collects feedback for recycling to users. Apart from using vetiver for soil and water conservation, pollution control, slope stabilization, it has great potential as a biofuel (perhaps the Indian biofuel project could use it) producing as much as 70 tons of dry biofuel per ha. It is also one of the best carbon sequestering plants on earth (huge root system fast growth rate, great longevity and minimal inputs).

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Vetiver has recently been referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of Plants.

This project will develop more data and create more awareness as to vetiver's biofuel and carbon sequestering possibilities