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In May 2010
Chico, United States
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There is a huge misunderstanding about "green" products in the market. Especially in the residential sector.
Firstly, make sure when you're shopping for "green" products that they aren't just marketed "green". Some companies simply put green in the name or color their products green. However, the contents and chemicals they use to make the cleaning products are far from being environmentally safe. (ie. Butyl)
In Canada, there is a federally supported organization that tests and regulates green products. They are called terra choice. In the U.S. there is a company called GreenSeal. These companies enforce standards like which chemicals can and cannot be used. They also test the chemical reactions in sewage etc.
So when purchasing environmentally safer products, make sure they contain that seal. Either the GreenSeal or the Terrachoice Seal. If they don't, it is most likely the chemicals in that bottle are not safe for you or who ever uses it. If you want more info, check out California Prop 65. This is a list of all the dangerous chemicals that are "banned" in California. Then check your chemicals at home and see if any of those chemicals are on there.