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In July 2009
Central New York, United States
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Kaushik K., 5 years, 6 months ago

please could anyone help in gathering the information on carbon credits and carbon trading more specifically , im planin to start a project based on carbon credits.
my id :
thanx in advance........

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About This Project 

Here in central New York, US we are currently turning hundreds of acres into arboretums. This past spring we planted 3800 hardwood trees and by next fall we should have a total of 15000 planted, given the appropriate funding. We are currently looking for donations to keep this project going.

Our goal is to get to a point where we can help others who may live in metropolitan areas or otherwise don't have the ability to plant any trees. One of the biggest contributors to our climate crisis here is the automobile and we are trying to reduce that by offsetting the carbon monoxide with trees. With every vehicle purchased we would like to have the new owner contact us, so that we might receive a donation or any financial support, to plant trees for there new car.

We are just getting started so any input would be greatly appreciated, please contact us.

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