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In September 2008
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About This Project 

ThetaNoon is an online,global solar energy systems monitoring website. System owners send us their systems' details (location,max output, system description and pictures etc.). ThetaNoon automatically starts calculating the systems' output, using real-time weather data, combined with mathematical algorithms. There is no need to buy or install anything.
ThetaNoon has two main goals - first, to provide and ongoing monitoring service for solar systems' owners. But the bigger goal is to increase awareness of real world solar energy systems and their role in reducing carbon emission.
There are several ways you can help with the ThetaNoon project: If you are a solar energy system owner or you know someone who is an owner, please contact us, with your systems' details, so we can add it to ThetaNoon.
Other than that, anyone can use ThetaNoon to help increase awareness of solar energy as a means for carbon reduction - you can place the ThetaNoon Carbon Reduction Awareness Gadget on your website or blog.
Please visit our projects URL, take a look at the systems we already track and consider adding your own system or adding our gadget to your website.

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