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In October 2011
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About This Project 

Did you know that our elected officials are deciding the fate of America's natural resources? Critical programs that, for decades, have protected our wildlife and wild places are now on the chopping block. This is simply unacceptable.

You have an opportunity to do something about it - Use Your Outside Voice! The Nature Conservancy wants The U.S. Congress to know that Americans care about their natural resources and believe that cutting funds meant to protect our water, forests and wildlife will do much more harm than good. Conservation programs did not cause the budget deficit and disproportionate cuts to these vital programs will not solve the problem.

The fact is - Americans need jobs. Healthy lands and waters create jobs and revenue in America's recreation, agriculture, and other industries that rely on pristine habitats, clean waters and thriving wildlife.

There are three ways you can Use Your Outside Voice to make a difference:

You can Sign the Pledge - and proclaim your support for the health of our American wilderness and the creatures that live there.

You can Speak Up For Nature - and call your congressman, write to your senator or attend a town hall meeting to show support for conservation programs.

You can Share Your Story - and inspire others to get involved.

Please let all your friends know that they have a chance to make a difference and speak up for nature!

Get Involved!
  1. e.g. providing resources, financial support, labor