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Do-It-Yourself Green Maure for Any Garden

in November 2008

Hello there! As The Homestead prepares for winter we continue to plan for spring. Check out how to use green manure for healthy soil and sustainable, environmentally friendly gardening. Enjoy! Jayne

Attedning the Largest Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair

in August 2008

Good Evening,
We lucked out and found ourselves a great resource on renewable energy and sustainable living. Check out this post and get connected to most cutting-edge environmental information out there. You can make plans for June 2009!

The Homestead-The mail must get through

in August 2008

Hello! Just brief update about a small project we completed over the weekend...

About 4-5 months ago our mailbox was attacked. Mailbox bashing occurs occasionally in rural areas and ours was a victim. It was mounted a sturdy post which was broken off at the base. This isn't typical of most mailbox violence. Many times teenagers/young adults will use baseball bats to hit the mailbox with while driving by. Our mailbox didn't have a scratch on it. We still can't quite figure out how it happened.

As a quick fix we filled a large bucket with sand and rocks and placed the remainder of the post in it. We then tied it with twine to a metal fence post. This worked well for a month or so, but the top heavy mailbox soon began to lean to one side. We decided it was time to fix it before the mail carrier became too frustrated with us. :)

So last weekend, we spent a few hours digging out the old post and mounting the mailbox on a new post. The didn't take too long and only cost a $2.00 for new post.

On Monday when Greg picked up the mail there was a little note with a big smiley face on it. It read, "Thank you!" and was signed by the mail carrier. Sometimes simple things make someone's day.

Now we are preparing to add on the sun room! More on that later.

Take care, Jayne

The Homestead - Emerging from Hibernation with a Guide to DIY

in July 2008

We have learned many lessons in the last year. I hope our lessons will help you make your DIY fantasies come true while keeping them realistic!

The Homestead Free-Cycles Rural Style

in July 2008

This was an amazing find! Hope this inspires you to find reusable treasures. Enjoy. :)

The Homestead Springs a Leak

in July 2008

The second installment of surprises... :)

The Homestead-The Back Story

in July 2008

Hey there, If you aren't familiar with The Homestead here is the link to The Back Story. You'll note the time change for the year the home was built. After further research we found out the home was older than originally thought. The discoveries keep coming!