"Solar Water Heating Is Brilliant For Wellington !" ? Debate, 15°


In October 2010
Wellington, New Zealand


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I am organising a debate in Wellington, New Zealand, as follows:

Date: Thursday 21 October, 5.30. p.m. - 6.30. p.m.

Location: A Room at Wellington City Council

Topic: "Solar Water Heating Is Brilliant For Wellington !" ?

I have organised a speaker for the Affirmative and for the Negative.

Given all the controversy on Climate Change in the media lately it should be a very lively debate.

I see even President Obama is planning to install Solar Water Heating in the White House:

"UNITED STATES: The most famous house in the United States is going solar. The White House soon will have solar panels to supply the first family’s hot water and some of its electricity, the US Department of Energy announced yesterday."
"White House to Showcase Solar Power". Dominion Post Thursday October 7, page B1.

He is a little bit behind the Mayor of Nelson, New Zealand, ,.
in the promotion of urban Solar Energy but never mind these things can time, even for Presidents.

There will also be time for your questions, agreements, disagreements and opinions.

Wellington City Council has kindly agreed to provide a room. I would like to get an idea of numbers so that they are not overwhelmed by vast numbers of people for the space available.

So if you plan to be at the debate please send me a reply at the email address below.

I look forward to seeing you at the debate !

"Solar Water Heating Is Brilliant For Wellington !" ?


Des Kenny

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Email: om@objective-methods.com

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