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Felipe P., 6 years, 10 months ago

I love your Project !

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Skipso is a new web-based platform and vertical business to business marketplace that aggregates professionals and businesses from the Clean Tech industry and allows them to:

- Raise their profile and build relationships

- Maximize professional opportunities

- Find resources more efficiently and at lower costs

- Collaborate and be exposed to new ideas, knowledge and information

- Have access to a new channel to buy and sell products and professional services

- Accelerate the pace of clean tech innovation reducing internal R&D costs

Skipso leverages the power of the Internet to accelerate the 'Clean Tech Revolution' and ultimately making our planet more sustainable. It will do so by aggregating the key stakeholders from both the private and public sectors and providing them with an environment where ideas, best practices and opportunities can be exchanged.

Skipso - Enabling Sustainable Innovation

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3 Project Updates 

The Green Lighting Challenge - $10k Award! in December 2009 by Carlo S.

GC Illumination is an Italian company specialised in the design, production and distribution of fixtures for exterior lighting. GC supplies utilities, municipalities and installation companies in Italy and internationally.

GC is looking for innovative solutions and products to enhance the performance of its LED-based product line and extend its functional application to a wider range of fittings.

Win $10,000 cash award for submitting solutions that will allow GC to meet the required illumination coefficients and to expand its Green Lighting fittings to motorways, urban areas, sports installations and other public areas.

There is a $1,000 referral fee should you refer a qualified solver to this challenge.

More information here:

To join the challenge you can register for free on

Concepts for CO2 Offsetting Challenge in December 2009 by Carlo S.

Non-profit foundation myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership is an international climate protection organization based in Zurich/Switzerland. myclimate offers Carbon Management Services and promotes carbon neutrality via the principle of high quality voluntary CO2 offsetting.

myclimate is looking for innovative approaches to secure and expand the sourcing of carbon offsetting projects.

Win $5,000 for submitting the most compelling concept for myclimate to find and approach Cleantech companies, technology providers and other organizations that apply and implement CO2-reducing technologies and initiatives in developing countries, mainly in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Submit your solution to earn a $5,000 cash award or refer a friend and earn a $500 referral bonus!

More information here:

Full project specifications can be found on

Rwanda Rural Electrification Challenge in August 2009 by Carlo S.

Swiss NGO Mabawa, is looking to harness the power of open innovation to bring electricity to the rural village of Nyamyumba, Rwanda.

The challenge comprises two phases. This first phase aims to generate high-level ideas for cost-efficient, reliable, standalone (off-grid) solutions which explore the use of multiple renewable energy sources. The winning solution/s will get a total cash award of $2,500. The top 10 will be considered for Phase 2 of the challenge, which will aim to develop a detailed project to provide electricity to the school, refectory and health centre of the village.

The winner of Phase 2 will be considered for implementation in Nyamyumba, Rwanda.

If you are interested in learning more about the challenge please register on and go to the Innovation Lab section