Shredding Computer Microchips and Hard Drives to Protect Information as well as the Environment, 10°


In July 2011
San Antonio, Texas, United States


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About This Project 

A project committed to informing consumers with various ways on how to get organized at the work place, without being wasteful especially with office supplies.
As more companies opt to go paperless these days, proper disposal of paper documents and others obsolete office supplies such as computer hard drives should not be taken lightly.
"Green offices" focus on being productive without wasting too much supplies such as paper and plastic products. Files are mostly saved in computer hard drives which saves ink and paper. Copies should be regulated - produce only when it is needed. When the time comes to get organized and remove the things that causes clutter, one way to properly dispose of your paper documents and hard drives is to have them shredded. Why you may ask - because these things can still be used for other purposes and we just do not throw them in the bin.