In February 2010
bharatpur, India
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Satur A., 5 years ago

how can i, be a member of this project...

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climate is changing but most important reason behind the scene is that the deforestation.many of the world organizations are working for the reinforcement of the its time to think beyond the line if we want to really reinforce the forest percentage we have to include the middle class society in this step and to take them it is important that this society should have some benefits with the reinforcement.
so the i going to connect the forest reinforcement with economy we have to think that what are the ways by which we can connect the reforestation with the economy development of the middle class society .

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how can we include middle class society in forest reformation process in February 2010 by Sailendra Chaudhary

there are some step which the middle class society can be attracted to reformation of the forests these are
>MHRP(Mwanza Rural Housing Program) that can be followed by whole world middle class society.
>get connected with the " big green challenge " associated with NASTA UK authority.
>small private wind form establishment

there are so many steps that can be useful to stop deforestation.but the most important we have to notice is that how these program can be reached to the society.

if these small steps will applicable i am sure that the day we want to live is not far away.

as GANDHI JI said "you want to make a big change you have to include to the society with your process".