In June 2010


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About This Project 

It's a sad fact of modern life that we must worry about the quality of something as essential as water. Had everyone been using a home water filter, this frightening situation could have been avoided. Unsafe water is obviously not just a third world problem.
Drinking clean water is the first priority.
Water is the essence of life. Making up roughly 65 percent of our muscles and brain tissue, it is the most important nutrient in our body. Only oxygen is craved by the body more than water.
Unfortunately, most Ghanaians do not consume enough water every day to meet their bodies' most basic requirements, leaving them dehydrated. Dehydration itself is responsible for a wide range of common ailments experienced by just about everyone in today's busy world,including headache and fatigue.
It is for this major reason that I have purposed to refine water for human consumption.Filters and other water machinery needed for processing and purifying the water is costly.I by thsi medium appeal to you to assist me in diverse ways to ensure people in third world contries such as Ghana get to drink and use clean,healthy,well refined water.I have already set up a factory that process water.Iam in need of financial assistance to help achieve this great goal of providing society with quality water.

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