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In July 2008
National, New Zealand
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About This Project 

This is a Ricoh New Zealand project

Launched in May, Trees for Schools is a Ricoh New Zealand programme where we work with schools around the country to establish schemes for community fundraising selling native plants, in place of other options often high in sugar and fat. We are sourcing New Zealand native seedlings, and subsidising the cost to allow schools to on-sell for a good profit!

People who buy the seedlings can opt to plant the seedling themselves or donate them back to the school, for planting on school grounds or planting programme.

Plants are matched with the regional environment they are sold and planted in.
We are excited about this great project because it has a positive impact on the environment and health, while giving children first hand experience with native plants.

If you are a New Zealand school and are interested in being part of the programme you can email:

If you are a participating school we’d love to see photos of your tree planting events so we can put them on the Celsias website.