Ricoh Power Cycle, 140°


In July 2008
Auckland, New Zealand
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About This Project 

This is a Ricoh New Zealand project

Ricoh Eco Action Day, June 5 2008

Ricoh’s Eco Action Day is an annual practice across all our operations around the world, coinciding with World Environment Day. This year it was the perfect opportunity to launch an idea Ricoh New Zealand is aiming to spread across its branches – a way to generate electricity in the office environment, with added health benefits!

We powered a printer and a laptop from a modified exercycle that staff, customers, suppliers, friends and celebrities were invited to pedal throughout the day. The printer was networked so staff could send their print jobs to the printer. We even had Power Cycle races to see who could generate the most watts in 3 minutes for those game enough.

The Power Cycle has become a popular innovation that is being used all over the country at environmental events by Ricoh New Zealand branches and dealerships. People at these events are encouraged to take a turn and generate some electricity.

How it works: the prototype used on 5 June is basically an exercycle that turns a generator that charges a battery which is wired to an inverter which creates a 240v/50w supply. Phew!

What’s behind this? Ricoh New Zealand is trying to promote awareness of ‘kicking the habit’ of our reliance on fossil fuels and conservation of energy. We wanted an initiative that was about more than turning lights off in offices. This initiative helps people think about how much energy we consume in our daily lives, and a very physical appreciation of how much power it takes to run a printer.