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In November 2009
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About This Project 

grow ~ communicate ~ educate ~ take action


While entertainment and fun can help at better integrating some educational messages; the aim of this project is not to entertain. In other words, the "Revive The Baobab" project is not an edu-tainment project but rather for people who are seriously concerned about the state of the Earth. We hope to collaborate with a group of professionals and non professionals who truly care about the environment. This space is to discuss researched information, to exchange with experts, to re-assess myths and to discuss and implement innovative solutions.

Most are assailed by information on climate change and it becomes more important to carefully source the information that is being released and convey messages in a respectful, professional and credible way. We are counting on the power of soft education and not denunciation or blame. This space is to discuss researched information, to exchange with experts, to re-assess myths and to discuss and implement innovative solutions.

That being said, this project is many-fold and it has been designed to help prevent further damage to the environment by increasing awareness and encouraging action via grassroot cost effective educational strategies. It is based on the saying: ~"if I have known, I would have done something"~.

In relation to knowing, it is important to know that every little action combined with another action can have a tremendous impact. It may also be important to know that while an isolated risk alone might not be detrimental to the environment, when those small risks are combined, they can become a very explosive cocktail. It is even more important to know that many studies today indicate that prevention through awareness, combined with correcting/curing the damages that have already been done (i.e. planting trees) can be a winning strategy to revive the current state of Mother Earth.


In the realm of global warming and climate change, we often hear of the Kyoto Protocol and the need for politicians to make enligtened choices on our behalf. Without negating the importance of politicians and their roles in implementing environmental policies; given that climate change has now reached the crisis level, it may be wise and imperative for all to avoid making the mistake of relying solely on politicians to represent the views of all; hence the need for all to act urgently and for each to take part of the responsibilities.

This project is to inspire strenght, hope and optimism in a sea of pessimism and apathy. There are many actions that can be taken and this project encourages taking action by becoming a grassroot change agent; taking climate change awareness to the community and corporate level.

For this project, each aspiring ambassador/change agent is encouraged to look for researched, professional and thorough information on climate change and will be empowered to seek opportunities to pass on that information via workshops, seminars, webinars, teleconference and other modes in organizations. An evaluation prior to each of those sessions should help with course planning. Course planning must include concrete actions and changes in behavior with a direct positive impact on the environment.

An evaluation must also follow each session and based on the knowledge retained, further group meetings should be planned within the organization. Those meetings should aim at identifying simple and easily accessible lifestyle changes that each and everyone can implement without major efforts, i.e. walk more often, eat vegetables more often etc.

Before leaving any organization, key embassadors (change agents) must be identified within the organization. While employees and staff can be ambassadors, it is also important to pay attention to the leaders and the decision makers as well. For example, a Manager can seek for opportunities to change his department into a paper free department.

In the realm of climate change and global warming, awareness and prevention have proven to be key and every one must carry a sense of responsibility in that matter. The goal of this project is not to moralize but rather to develop a sense of moral quality and responsibility towards the environment.


In lieu of spending one more minute being for instance a Consumer we invite everyone to take the identity of an Educator. As a result of self empowerment, ambassaders are to empower their home, their communities and the world by communicating awareness and planting the seed of change in as many minds as possible.

1)How: Have a plan to conduct as many educational sessions as your time allows. Those sessions can be directed at a varied audience targeting environments where people have had very minimal knowledge and exposure to the general message of global warming and climate change. Some examples of places where people gather are for example community centers, churches, banks, some schools, small and medium size enterprizes and academic environments.

2) Conducting seminars and conferences:

Changing agents are invited to use various technologies (i.e. paper, slides, computer, games) to help their audience have an instructive; yet fun learning experience. Global warming and climate change discussions do not always have to be uninteresting and unengaging.

Changing agents will require to have a very in depth and practical knowledge of climate change and global warming and its impact on very specific areas: health, economy, water etc.

An example of a workshop or seminar title is the following:
- "A Clean House: Moving towards a chemical free house; sharing a practical experience and cost effective approaches"
-Climate change 101

-Access to credible sources of data on climate change (nothing anecdotal please)
-Key Opinion Leaders (Doctors, Scientists, Environmentalists...) to influence Change Agents (volunteers)
-Training tools and materials
-Many who are willing to volunteer their precious time in service of a cause now bigger than us.

Please e-mail to have more information.

Revive The Baobab Tree™
~Lanna Gerline Millien

Baobab picture from Myriam Louviot

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