Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Ocean, 30°


In November 2009
Sydney, Australia

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Dr. Peter Lionel Griffiths BA ACA DD
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Sydney Olympic Park Area, Newington, Australia



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In terms of the ultimate and optimum aim to eventually replace centralized fossil fuel power plants solar, wind, geothermal and ocean technologies are not economically realistic alternatives.

Constant reliable supply 24x7x365 days, location anywhere, avoidance of transmission and distribution losses, low capital costs, and zero fuel costs represent the optimum electricity generation know-how. It will become, and remain the benchmark technology, link


Huge operating profits and tremendous equity gains await those able to produce clean reliable electricity at low capital cost and zero fuel costs

Business Development

The business process for commercializing this breakthrough technology is well described by Bill Weihl, Google’s Green Energy Czar. In this video he talks precisely to Reuters about the entire innovation pipeline and this commercial process including “what they do” with a new breakthrough technological opportunity:

In summary a technology acquirer typical of Google’s Silicon Valley mindset:
1. Does the work to evaluate new opportunities
2. Does the work to “really” engineer it
3. Does the work to build a company around it obviously has an extremely valuable technological asset that is the breakthrough for generating low cost electricity at a price way cheaper than coal – renewable electricity from water. The business plan is to license this discovery to a large multinational company.

In November 2007 Dr. Peter Lionel Griffiths set out to find a solution to the Global Warming issue as he is interested to sustain life on planet Earth. Coincidentally, in the same month and year threw out the challenge to the world to come up with a clean energy source cheaper than the currently cheapest but dirty fuel source, coal. Despite its tremendous financial resources and manpower, has been unable to solve the RE

Dr. Griffiths worked tirelessly with his own very limited resources, and in the spirit of mankind’s truly great researchers, discoverers and inventors in August 2009 solved the RE

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1 Project Update 

Renewable energy cheaper than coal, solar, wind, geothermal in November 2009 by Peter Lionel Griffiths

"Renewable energy cheaper than coal, solar, wind, geothermal".

In terms of the broad replacement of traditional centralized coal fired power plants none of these options are rational or realistic.

Solar, Wind and Geothermal are severely limited in location by high temperature, high wind or to remote geothermal sites.

An optimum renewable energy technology can produce an effective 30% higher output as it will not require transmission and distribution over long distances.

Key points:

1) Desert and remote technologies (Solar and Wind) suffer from inherent unreliability of supply through reliance on weather patterns, and

2) Solar and Wind and Geothermal suffer from energy transmission and distribution losses (30%) over long distance transmission lines, and

3) Solar and Wind and Geothermal require constant replacement of parts and infrastructure due to constant exposure to extreme weather conditions and the elements.

4) Solar and Wind and Geothermal are not appropriate economic breakthroughs in terms of serving large areas of population, cities, where the bulk of demand is located, and

5) Solar and Wind and Geothermal are not suitable for distributed electrical power situated locally, in cities and at industrial sites, the over riding trend for the future transformation of the global electricity industry, solar and wind and geothermal cannot provide the flexibility to fill this need.