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Braga, Portugal
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About This Project 

Because of the large amount of trash that everyone produces every day it is very important to start thinking in our Planet's health!

The basic idea is to "wear" in your page one of these RecyclingPins to remember all visitors the responsibility to Waste Recycling, Separation and Reutilization!

You have several RecyclingPins to choose from. Select the pin you want and put its html code in your web page, blog, etc. and start spreading this green message! -

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1 Project Update 

RecyclingPin Chat Room at Google Lively in July 2008 by Nuno M.

We have launched today our RecyclingPin Chat Room at Google Lively. If you care about the environmental issues like climate change, global warming, waste management, recycling, reutilization, etc., this is the right place to talk about it. Everyone is invited! You only need a Google Account, like GMail to start discovering the place and share your ideas and thoughts.

Here is the room: