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In May 2013
Northern California Compactors, Inc.P.O. Box 5489, United States

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Erich Lawson
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Northern California Compactors, Inc.P.O. Box 5489, Pleasanton, CA 94566
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About This Project 

The benefits of recycling are numerous, the most important being it helps the environment. Glass is 100% recyclable, meaning you can use and reuse it to infinity without it losing quality, purity or clarity.

What is a glass crusher?

The clue is definitely in the title with this one. No elaboration is required as this machine does exactly what it says, crushes glass so as to recycle it. The crushed glass is then collected and then sent to a recycling plant.

A lot of restaurants and pubs in US and Europe have given this system a trial run. Positive feedback has led it to be incorporated in a number of them.

Benefits of using the glass crush and recycle system.

The most often heard reason given by a number of establishments as to why they do not currently recycle is lack of space to store the used bottles before they are taken to the recycling plant. This is especially a problem during peak times. Optimal utilization of available space is key in the targeted market and empty bottles lying around are not only an eyesore but also present a safety hazard.

The glass crusher and collector aims at removing this obstacle. It is designed as a behind the bar in-house compactor. It reduces the size of the bottles to 80% minimizing the amount of space used. As an added incentive, a lot of companies also provide you with collection services. This removes the hassle of having to figure out where to dispose of your crushed glass.

Recycling your glass could help you qualify for environment protection awards while at the same time helping you meet your CSR objectives. Another added benefit of this machine is that there is no need to sort the bottles by color and no cleaning is necessary. Just place the empty bottles in the machine. Labels, caps, straws and all can be put in the machine. This provides an extra safety feature for your customers and workers. So not only is this an environmentally friendly solution but it makes recycling quick and easy.

What is the cost Implication?

It is also a cost effective way to recycle your glass bottles. You will be charged a maintenance and rental fee for the crushing machine. As mentioned earlier, there is a collection service offered. This is for the clients’ convenience and also reduces your fuel expenses by eliminating the need for you to go to the recycling plant. It is also a way to make sure that bottles are actually recycled and not just thrown away. Knowing that someone will be coming by to pick up your trash provides peace of mind to the client. Depending on the size of your premises and the amount of glass generated, you can be provided with a free no obligation quotation.

Make sure you recycle all glass products from now and make it habit to recycle all recyclable materials to help and benefit the environment.