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In August 2014
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About This Project 

“When the last tree has been cut,
When the last river has been poisoned,
When the last fish has been caught,
Then we will find out that we can’t eat money.”

The truth of the matter does not lie in conservation or using renewable energy. It lies in the fact that every person in this world should start thinking about recycling every possible thing he/she uses. Recycling is the only way we can give what we are taking away from earth.

Scientists and experts have cited different examples of climatic change across the globe. Hence, it is apparent that recycling is the only option left out. Be it renewable energy or water conservation, recycling can be done anywhere. It can even be done while you are renovating or remodeling your house.

Buying recycled products or giving your old products for recycling is the best way of going green while renovating. Companies who deal in different recycling products can help you go green during renovation.

Tips for Green Renovation

While green renovation can interest many, knowing what exactly needs to be done can be a little difficult. The tips mentioned below will help considerably.

# Proper disposal of hazardous material: There are many things that are used in renovations and remodeling, which can be hazardous to the environment and human health. Paints, emulsions, oils, and mixture are sometimes left open, which emit harmful fumes and gases. It is better to get rid of them as soon as the renovations are over. Also, ensure that you take a proper estimate from your contractor as to how much of these things will actually be used for the renovation and buy only that amount.

# Sustainable items: It is better to use different types of sustainable items when purchasing stuff for your house. You can also look at the old materials and figure out what can be used. You can easily remold a few of them to fit the new décor of the house. This will not only save money, but will also ensure that things are reused in a proper manner. Also, do not throw away your old stuff. Either donate it or just give it for recycling.

# Proper insulation: Rather than installing a new heater or cooling equipment in your renovated house, it is better to insulate it a proper manner. Insulation will keep the house warm in winters and cool in summers. You can use different things from your house like discarded towels, which can be lined along the doors to create proper insulation during summers. Also, lining your windows can help in keeping the cold wind away in winters. This will save a lot of energy and will also reduce your power bills.

# Solar panels: One of the most efficient ways of recycling is by using solar panels for the generation of electricity. Although many experts will say that this is a source of renewable energy, it is actually a way of recycling energy. At the time of renovation, get solar panels installed in the area with the maximum sunlight. Connect an inverter or generator to convert this energy into power, which will not only be beneficial for your pocket, but also for the environment.

# Rain and waste water recycling: At the time of remodeling, you may also need to renovate the pipeline in your house. In case you are doing so, then why not go for different rainwater pipes and tanks. Rainwater harvesting is one of the oldest forms of recycling in the world. Accumulate rain water in a tank to use it for different purposes like gardening or washing. You can also install a smaller unit for gray water recycling (waste water processing). This water can be used for different purposes around your house.

All the above tips will help you recycle along with renovating your house, which can make a lot of difference for generations to come.