In September 2012
COAST REGION, United Republic of Tanzania


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About This Project 

Currently the world is experiencing extreme weather events as a result of ongoing climate change, the triangular figure of climate change (Global warming, GHG emission and O zone depletion). Increases the risk and vulnerability of both humans and ecosystem as whole.
Developing countries are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and its triangular figure.
There is a need of reducing the impacts of climate change to the world population, so many ways can be addressed to mitigate the impact of CC, This project 'RE-GREENING THE LANDSCAPE' aims at ensure the lost forest cover is regained, this will be done in three phases, Planting trees will have double impacts on this context, first it will reduce carbon to the atmosphere, second it will ensure rain availability, both of this impacts of the projects can be further subdivided and at the end of the day it will reduce the current CC impacts.
I have the project profile for those who will need to help this project in one way or another, In order to accomplish this project resources are needed, both human, material and financial, i would love to hear or read from you.
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