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In July 2007
Marlborough, New Zealand
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About This Project 

Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park is an isolated peninsula in the Marlborough Sounds. Originally a large sheep station the property is now dedicated to “the business of saving our environment”.

Ron Marriott of Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park says, “We have two goals – the first is to work with landowners to encourage as many of them as possible to restore natural eco-systems to their land, in order to provide environmental services such as tourism and carbon sequestration instead of growing pasture. The second and most important is to help people understand that a sustainable and holistic approach to living is vital to ensuring the existence of the World we live in".

People and organizations that they have worked with include DOC, Swiss Government, Canadian local government bodies, a Kanak tribe in New Caledonia, a German university, a Hawaiian conservation group and a US biodiversity consultant working with projects in South America. In total, more then 200 landowners are registered with Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park to gather information on how to make the most of their land using environmentally conscious approaches. Find out more at www.truenz.co.nz/wilderness.

1 Project Update 

Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park also attracts a huge ... in April 2008 by Ron M.

Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park also attracts a huge number of visitors each year who come to stay and take a break from the pressures of modern living via boat, or via the Outer Queen Charlotte’s track, the parks only land connection to the outside World.

If you’d like to stay at the Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park or simply find out more, please contact us at:
Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park
Cape Jackson
Rural Bag 363
New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 579 9025
Fax: +64 3 579 9125
Email: wilderness@truenz.co.nz