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Joe B., 3 years, 1 month ago

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About This Project 

Project Recycling is where eco-friendly clothing meets recycling. Our goal is to raise awareness for recycling while physically reducing the landfill of post-industrial plastic waste. We accomplish this through:

1) Promoting and selling our recycling themed, eco-friendly t-shirts to raise awareness and educate people about the need for recycling in America.

2) Using the proceeds from t-shirt sales to fund recycling projects throughout the country.

We Sell Eco-Friendly T-Shirts!

Our eco-friendly t-shirts are made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled PET plastic, the same type of plastic water bottles are made from. In fact, each shirt contains approximately three 20oz water bottles inside!

Combining this with a recycling themed design is a match made in heaven. Each t-shirt uses a recycling fact, a disturbing truth about the overuse of our resources, as theme. For example, our first t-shirt is themed “500 Billion Pounds”, that’s the amount of waste we as Americans produce each year.

Of that, only 34.1% is recycled or composted. That rest, around 330 billion pounds is incinerated or landfilled. Our eco-friendly t-shirts are meant to be educational, yet contain a bold statement, but also casually designed so you can wear it on a normal basis.

Our t-shirts made from post-consumer plastic bottles are 100% safe to wear, learn more…

We’re Also A Plastic Recycling Company.

Proceeds generated in t-shirt sales are used to initiate recycling programs for manufacturers throughout the United States. We actively seek factories that produce bulk, monthly volumes of plastic waste currently being landfilled and helping them implement proper recycling routines and facilitating the movement of goods to plastic processors.

To get each recycling project started, funds are needed to purchase necessary equipment such as storage containers, trailers, compactors, balers, and more. We educate the staff of each project about which materials are recyclable and how to efficiently “pre-sort” the goods before being packaged. We then designate a processing plant to further process the waste into usable raw materials. Once the recycling routine is setup, the cost to keep the program running is minimal.

Are you a manufacturer that currently produces plastic waste being landfilled? See how Project Recycling can help you reduce your monthly waste removal budget.

Let’s Get Started, Shall We?

Help get Project Recycling started! After six months of preparation, we’re ready to launch our first eco-friendly t-shirt design and recycling project, “Project PE0001 – Modified Polyethylene Sheets“. The success of this project means diverting approximately 80 metric tons or 180,000 pounds of plastic waste from entering landfills every month!

To get PE0001 started, we’ll need to sell 1,000 t-shirts. The proceeds will help us purchase two balers on two separate locations including installation fees, two large trailers to load the packaged goods, plus other packaging materials such as gaylord boxes. Once we fund the initial start-up, the program would only require the sale of 500 t-shirts per month to maintain.

You can help get Project PE0001 started by buying a “500 Billion Pound” t-shirt for $29.99! Each eco-friendly t-shirt sold can help recycle approx. 300 pounds of plastic waste back into the production lines; incredibly, that’s equal to more than 11,500 plastic bottles by weight!

Even if you’re not interested in buying a t-shirt, tell your friends and family about us. In this age of social media, we would love a comment about us on your Facebook wall, or a friendly tweet to all your followers.

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