Plant a tree our future will be glad you did, 17°


In May 2008
sanford, United States
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Eliav Bitan, 7 years, 11 months ago

I can't see the video! Also, lets try to make this project a count of how many trees celsias users can plant-they can join if they plant one, and add to a running tally on the site

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About This Project 

What planting a tree will do for our earth, mankind, and wildlife. We often here in the news how our earth will end up looking just like the desert. Every day that goes by we are depriving every living creature on earth of a sustainable life.

We are all getting pretty familiar with hearing it on TV, The radio, and our computers. Unfortunately there are still too many out there who just do not believe how much we need our trees and our oceans to survive. In spite of all the negative news on trees, I thought I would post a more positive note, where just maybe there can be hope for us, our future generation, and wildlife.

Thanks to this man in the video you are about to watch we really may have some life to hang on to and so will the kids of tomorrow. I must admit the gentleman in the video whose name is Dave Deppner a true hero for our trees.

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