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In November 2007
Bath, United Kingdom
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About This Project 

This is a project run by Our Future Planet, bringing together nations, states, provinces and areas with sustainable populations so that they might recognise and communicate their ideals, experiences and goals.

Once united these PPP members will be able to present a sustainable model to the rest of the world, in contrast to the current model set by over-populated growth-obsessed nations. Global over-population is a huge area of concern in the face of global warming and resource scarcity, but one that many do not want to accept.

Planetary Population Partnership is a project based on positive, progressive and decisive action. For more info go to

1 Project Update 

Potential PPP members are: Alberta, Ca Arizona, US... in January 2008 by Samantha H.

Potential PPP members are:

Alberta, Ca
Arizona, US
British Colunbia, Ca
Colorado, US
Maine, US
New South Wales, Aus
New Zealand
Oregon, US

Their diversity means that communication between them could be fruitful and enlightening. They might discuss ideas and insights, what development means within a sustainable population, and how to overcome problems typical to low-density populations (ie transport).