Operating and maintenance precaution of Barcode Label Printer KX-42, 10°


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About This Project 

Barcode Label Printer is an important component of pos system printing barcodes or price tags. It's usually connected the pos system through specific cables. It’s very important to keep the Barcode Label Printer in good condition to provide good customer service and great shopping experience. Barcode Label Printer KX-42 is manufactured with robust design; the chance of operation failure is very small. However, good operating practice and still lower the chance and extend work life of Barcode Label Printer KX-42.

Installation Requirement: Barcode Label Printer KX-42 should be set up or installed on stable table to ensure using compatibility and safety of customers and operators.
Barcode Label Printer KX-42 should be installed by professionals with knowledge and experience of handling hardware as incorrect installation may cause dysfunction and/or even unrecoverable damage.

Routine Maintenance: Clean dirt and debris from the surface of Barcode Label Printer KX-42 every day. Keep Barcode Label Printer away from water, tea or any other liquid, as spoil of any liquid on Barcode Label Printer can cause unrecoverable damage. Please don't keep it working without any break for over 5 hours for over heat.

Operator safety: Operator should be trained before operating the Barcode Label Printer KX-42 independently.
Operator safety: If sticker is jammed in the Barcode Label Printer KX-42 please try to open the cover and reassemble the sticker roll again. If it still doesn't work, please consult professionals as soon as possible. Please don't try to disassemble the Barcode Label Printer.

For further information, feel free to consult experts from KXPOS. We will be happy to help. Our attentive customer service team will be able to resolve any hardware problems in short time.