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In February 2012
Lagunitas, United States
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About This Project 

We know now that the Sea is anything but silent. Given that sunlight does not penetrate more than a few hundred feet below the surface, and at any time more than half of the world oceans are under the dark veil of night, the ocean is actually an acoustic realm. Sound travels almost five times faster and much more efficiently underwater.

Most animals use sound perception to sense and communicate in their habitat. Unfortunately, most human activities in the ocean also use sounds, and generate noise. We are rapidly finding that there is a serious conflict between human generated ocean noise, and sea animals’ need to communicate, navigate and hear their surroundings.

Ocean Conservation Research is focused on understanding the scope of, and exploring solutions to the growing problem of human generated noise pollution and its impact on marine animals.

We engage in marine biological and technological research based on conservation priorities. We use the products of this research to inform the policies and practice of the public, industry, and lawmakers so that we may all become better stewards of the sea.

2 Project Updates 

Ongoing behavioral whale response study in August 2012 by Gwynn D.

Check it out at: http://ocean-noise.com/blog/2012/08/ongoing-whale-behavioral-response-study/

Stop oil drilling in the Arctic! in February 2012 by Gwynn D.

Take Action by February 28!

Tell NOAA to reject the current proposals in its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Join us in asking the Federal Government to protect arctic wildlife by adopting the "no action alternative"!