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In July 2008
New Zealand
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About This Project is a new grass roots website dedicated to a New Zealand free from plastic carry bags. Around the world more and more countries are banning or taxing plastic bags and it is time for New Zealand to wake up and do the same.

This is about much more than fixing the problems directly caused by plastic bags, it is about increasing the capacity of our society to change. Because very significant change is what is required to face the twin threats of climate change and peak oil.

It is not a campaign to eliminate plastic bags, it is a campaign to convince people to consider the consequences of their choices and to make personal changes that help build a vibrant future for us all.

Utilizing cutting edge online collaboration tools we can work together more effectively than ever before, so feel free to drop by our campaign centre at and lend a hand. No matter how much time you can spare or what skills you can offer we would love to have you on board.

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2 Project Updates 

Facebook group hits 750 in October 2008 by Joshua Vial

Facebook group is growing steadily, just topped 750 members.

There is also a meeting for people interested in a plastic bag free wellington this friday (24th of october) - for details.

Facebook group over 400 members in September 2008 by Joshua Vial

Our facebook group now has over 400 members - come along and show your support for the campaign.