Natural Plant for Medication in Kutai National Park, 10°


In November 2007
East Kalimantan, Indonesia



Matthew W., 7 years, 11 months ago

Hi Sahat - this sounds great. Can you give us more information and images on this?

Firdaus Yamani A., 7 years, 6 months ago

we can organized to visit "Kutai National Park" and we would like to compaigne to the world " A commitment to Sustaining the Rainforest, Save the Water and Environment. Please contact us if you like to see and plant a tree's at Kutai NP park area. we are from Borneo Discovery Tours, we do not take any profit from our assistants.

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About This Project 

Kutai National Park-Indonesia, as one of lowland rainforest in the world, has over 900 plant species. About 200 species identified as Medicine plant. High deforestation pressure made micro climate changes in this area and ecosystem destruct.

This project aims to identified other medicine plant. So it can be used for campaign that we have to reduce biodiversity loss because it will impact to ecosystem stabilize, through the climate stabilize.