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In April 2011
New York, United States
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Lisa H., 4 years, 1 month ago

I'd be happy to post your product on my blog under my "Cool News" page....

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About This Project 

What is mBoo?

mBoo is a line of ultra soft and environmentally friendly toilet paper made from natural bamboo fiber.

Our Story

Every year, Americans waste more than 5 million trees on toilet paper alone. While recycled toilet paper has always been an option, they've never been widely available on the market due to their lack of popularity. This is because recycled toilet paper is often harsh and gives off an unsanitary impression.
The solution to this problem is bamboo. Bamboo is one of the world's most abundant and easily renewable resources because it is able to reach a maturity height of 75 feet in a matter of two months. The process of manufacturing toilet paper is also environmentally friendly and, thanks to some of bamboo's basic properties, yields an ultra soft end product.

The Impact

Since bamboo is primarily grown in developing countries, bamboo made products will bring notable economic improvements to those countries and communities. For example, the farmers of bamboo farms in Moganshan, China, are seeing their annual incomes grow at a 20% rate thanks to the growing demand for bamboo. Their lives serve as hope for many poor bamboo farmers in other parts of China, South Asia, as well as Africa.

We Need Your Help

mBoo is currently in the process of raising money to bring its products to the general market. If you wish, please follow the link to help mBoo become a reality or help spread the word.


Thank you!