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How to Select the Right Desk Lamps in August by Luma L.

A lamp is just not a source of light on your reading table. It’s more of a functional accessory in a room. And just like with any other accessory, there are a lot of choices or varieties of desk lamps to choose from. Here we are going to explore how to select the right desk lamps, as well as what considerations you should factor before the actual process.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Desk Lamp


This is where most people go wrong, when it comes to selecting lamps for their desks. Most people just eyeball the size of the area that the lamp will be set. This usually results in the buyer actually having remorse, as the lamp does not fit well. To avoid this catastrophic scenario, it is advisable to appropriately measure the table height and the table’s circumference. The desk lamp should not overlap the desk.

You also need to consider the weight of the desk lamp before purchasing one. The lamp should be heavy and sturdy, if your desk is located near where kids play or where people pass through to get from one spot to another in the room. This way it will be harder to knock over the desk lamp and damage it. However, if the location is not too ‘busy’ you can opt for a lighter desk lamp.


As pointed out earlier, a desk lamp is functional accessory. The lamp has to fit in with your décor, or it will stick out like a sore thumb. There are so many styles to choose from, but here are just a few: Modern, Classic, and Global. The classic types have a traditional feel to them, plus the 3 were designed many years ago. Have a look around the room and see which color or style of lamp would best suit the desk and the area around it. The modern types of lamps have a sleek design, and are meant to blend appropriately with today’s heavily polished metals.
Let us talk about bases. A crystal base on a lamp adds a hint of glamour to the desk. An iron base will provide richness. You can also go for a lamp with a clear base, so as to create an illusion that the desk has less weight on top of it. For a more traditional old school feel, which is also luxurious, you can purchase a lamp that has a porcelain base. You can also go exotic with a Moroccan based lamp, which is a wonderful choice despite how basic your décor might be.


This is obviously the most important consideration to make when selecting desk lamps. The primary function of the desk lamp is to provide light at the desk for you to see clearly. The task of the lamp is intertwined with the task of the desk. Most desks and their lamps are meant for reading. In this case, you should select a desk lamp with a translucent shade such as quality paper shades. If the lamp is meant to brighten the room or just for decorative purposes, then select a lamp that has opaque shading. This lamp will cast the light from the floor to the ceiling, but not outwards. Shades are important on the lamps, because an exposed bulb can produce a glare that is dangerous to your eyes.

You should also consider the wattage of the bulb. Obviously, if the task of the lamp is to assist you while reading or drawing, then the lamp should have a higher wattage. If the lamp is basically a decorative fixture, then the wattage of the bulb in the lamp should be slightly lower.


This is a critical consideration that you will need to take seriously, so that you are always comfortable with the desk lamp. There are two choices here; swiveled, or fixed. Swiveled desk lamps allow you to shift the direction of the light source as you see fit. The fixed desk lamp is stationery, but it will always illuminate in the general direction that you want it to.