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In May 2008
Black Creek, Canada
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About This Project 

By improving the convenience of finding locally grown foods we will reduce the amount of carbon emissions required by the monster food machine.

This dynamic, farmer-driven website, allows shoppers to find locally grown foods as easily as looking through a grocery store flier. In many regions the small farms have little resources for promoting their available produce, leaving the shoppers not knowing what is available locally. This site will help level the playing field with the super-sized grocery stores.

Click here to view site and find local produce - http://localfarmlink.com

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2 Project Updates 

localharvest.org vs localfarmlink.com in June 2008 by Fred DeStCroix

A few people have asked me the difference between localharvest.org and localfarmlink.com.

Localharvest is a very well established and wonderful resource on locally grown foods, where to purchase these products and what season this produce is available. While it is good to know that carrots are available in the summer, it is still hard to know which farms have carrots ready at what time. Crops can be delayed due to weather, planting schedules, or attacks by pests. Farms can sell out of certain products while having too much of something else.

The unique service that localfarmlink offers is the ability for the farmers themselves to post what is currently available on their farm to a central database.

Shoppers may search the database locally to where they live and quickly learn exactly what produce is available from which farms. This will allow the busier members of our communities to plan on buying locally while planning their weekly shopping trips. Information for locally grown foods is as simple to find as your weekly grocery store fliers.

If you think that this is a good idea and you would like to encourage farms to use this service in your area, the best thing you can do is join localfarmlink now. Membership shows that you are interested in this project and you would like to see farms join in your area join. Then tell a farmer.

If you are a farm and would like to see this service grow in your area, join now and tell your neighbors.

Thank you

Our systems to deal with advertising are up ... in May 2008 by Fred DeStCroix

Our systems to deal with advertising are up and running.

There is an advertising partnership program that is starting to take form and we are looking for companies willing to participate. At this point ideal candidates will be businesses that supply and depend on the farming community.

Click here to learn more: http://localfarmlink.com/advertising.html

We reserve the right to refuse advertising to companies that do not share our ideals or do not fit in with website goals.