Lesabe primary mini farm , 40°


In March 2012
Wattville Benoni, South Africa

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Jacques Damhuis
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Box 1616 Northcliff
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South Africa


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About This Project 

This is a school where the children are fed breakfast and lunch. so we planted fruit trees so I could teach them to make jams for the bread in the morning, and we planted an array of vegetables to make sure they are eating a nutritious lunch. The latest addition to the farm is a tunnel which we plan to use for out of season crops and growing of seedlings for the community to be able to grow their own food. At the moment the surrounding community is starting to buy their vegetables from the mini farm which is producing very health and nutritious fruits, vegetables and herbs.

We are needing to develop this farm further, so far we have done most of the ground work and put most of the infrastructure in place but the newly acquired tunnel structure needs to be developed. The plan for this tunnel is to grow fish for the children's lunches and lettuce and herbs for restaurants to assist in ensuring sustainability of the farm, and to increase the children's nutritional intake.

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