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About This Project 

The Centre for sustainability Leadership is delighted to announce the launch of its online learning and community platform Leadership Rewired!

Born from the Centre for Sustainability Leadership’s desire to make its unique approach to leadership available to the rest of the world. The Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) is a progressive not for profit dedicated to expanding the influence of people who want to create a sustainable future, by building their knowledge, skills and networks.
Leadership Rewired has seen CSL develop the curriculum it uses in it’s annual Fellowship Programs in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, into an online learning and community platform that is accessible from around the world and can be taken at the individual’s pace.
Leadership Rewired will allow passionate people to put their hands and minds toward creating positive change by providing them with three key opportunities; learning, networking and the chance to contribute.

Learn: Knowledge is power
Leadership Rewired will provide you with the tools, principles and case studies to create systemic change. This course is not about science, it is about leadership skills, methods and systems. It will tell you what you need to know to get your project, campaign or organisation off the ground.

Network: Build your network
Access to the right people with the right experience, the right skills and similar values is crucial to the success of any leader - whether you are working as or towards being a social entrepreneur, campaigner or project manager. Leadership Rewired brings together people with diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences.

Contribute: Share your story
Contributing lessons that you've learned back to the Leadership Rewired community is a mutually rewarding experience. If we each leave more than we take then we are embodying personal, environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability. The greatest learning comes from other users, so don't be afraid to comment, share or answer a question!

If you are interested in learning more about Leadership Rewired, please visit www.rewired.org.au or drop us a line on community@csl.org.au. For more information about the Centre for Sustainability Leadership vist www.csl.org.au

Learn, build your network, share your story and be part of the movement of people creating a sustainable future!

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