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Lots going on

in August 2009

Just a quick summary of what we've been up to since January: Our current house is now on the market with lots of interest, following the completion of the reno in May.

We have since talked to several builders, kitset companies and architects and have settled for an extremely enthusiastic Kapiti based builder which is a bonus as that's where we want to build and where several other suppliers of kit are located too.

We are now at Sketch plan stage and we have as good as finalised the floorplan and materials. We're currently seeking formal quotes from three solar installers for a solar hot water *and* central heating system so we'll be all cosy at night.

Keep an eye on the blog as always for more frequently updated info: http://www.theruss.com/blog/

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We're still here!

in January 2009

Yup we're still here and still planning our Lo Grid home. Note that the Solar PV, wind generator, inverter etc will only come on board once the house itself is completed. The solar thermal heating and woodburner system will be built-in at the outset, as will a solid fuel, wood burning stove ala Aga, Rayburn or one of the newer manufacturers we've seen around.

We'll not be doing anything more than further research however until we finish the renovations on our current place in Brooklyn, which we'll be putting up for sale in March '09. Have a squiz at: http://www.25harland.co.nz.

Keep yer eyes peeled though, cos 2009 is the year :-)

Latest Updates

in July 2008

Like I say, I don't updated here any longer (A historical fact regarding how the Celsias Project site *used* to look and function like)

So rather than maintain two "blogs" or updates if you will there is only one: http://www.theruss.com/blog. Last update was July 28, 2008.

Later :-)

We now have 1.4ha of land, a builder ...

in May 2008

We now have 1.4ha of land, a builder in mind and a list of proposed active and passive systems for the new build. However, this space lacks the features we'd like in a list of updates: Please see this project's own Wiki: http://kapiti-off-grid.pbwiki.com and blog at: http://www.theruss.com/blog/ instead.