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About This Project 

Islands First was established at the behest of the UN missions of Small Island Developing States to facilitate their advocacy for international environmental justice.

Although issues such as climate change and oceans destruction disproportionately threaten small island nations, international environmental policy is dominated by the political and economic interests of large and wealthy nations. Islands First redresses this political inequality. To maintain the sustained presence needed to enact policy change, Islands First recruits, trains and supervises highly qualified advisers to serve in the understaffed UN missions of small island states. These advisors draw, in turn, upon sustained relationships with scientists, NGOs and environmental policy experts who rely on the activist positions taken by these nations within the halls of power. The strategic coordination of these resources by Islands First thereby ensures the most politically effective representation possible for small island states at critical points in the UN process.

To be sure, navigating the politics of environmentalism is no easy task, but it is one in which small island states have no choice but to take the lead. They have unimpeachable moral standing as well as political will in abundance. Together, they represent nearly a quarter of GA votes. There is no group of nations more appropriate to lead the fight for global environmental justice. They simply need the support that Islands First provides.

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