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In January 2008
Wellington, New Zealand
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About This Project 

We are a group of young professionals with a passion for sustainability and we want to intersect with other passionate people.

Intersect is focussed on nurturing our leadership capabilities. We believe that leaders are the doers not just the talkers, so we are looking for practical solutions to the problems we face on our journey towards sustainability. We are looking to expand our membership base, so that we have a learning community where we can share and leverage off each others wisdom, skills, energy and ideas.

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1 Project Update 

We have just come up for air after ... in January 2008 by Megan Hosking

We have just come up for air after submitting our proposal for funding for creating an ideas incubator, and we are using the Bright Green Idea Challenge, the national climate change innovation award as the pilot. We will begin recruiting for a range of roles for this in late March, so get in touch if you want to get on board.