Increase Natural Gas Energy Efficiency, 10°


In March 2013
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About This Project 

The US EIA states that in 2011, commercial buildings and industry and the power plants consumed approx. 17.5 Trillion cu.ft. of natural gas. How much of this natural gas was blown into the atmosphere as HOT exhaust, 40% ~ 60%?
How many chimneys are poking out of the roofs of commercial and industrial buildings across America, and other countries of the world? What effect does all this exhaust have on our environment?

The technology of Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery is designed to recover most of that heat energy from these exhaust gases. This recovered heat energy can then still be used in the building or facility where it was combusted.
Vented into the atmosphere will be COOL exhaust.

The US DOE states that for every 1 million Btu's of energy recovered from these waste exhaust gases, and this recovered energy is utilized back in the building or facility, 118 lbs of CO2 will NOT be put into the atmosphere.

Increased natural gas energy efficiency = Reduced utility bills = Profit
Increased natural gas energy efficiency = Reduced global warming
Increased natural gas energy efficiency = reduced CO2 emissions
Increased natural gas energy efficiency = Water conservation

How many jobs can be created assessing all these locations that have a chimney poking out of the roof?
How many engineers will be busy designing the most effective method of applying all this recovered heat energy?
How many mechanical companies will be needed to install all these condensing flue gas heat recovery systems?

What can this do for our economy?
What would this do for our environment?

What natural gas is not wasted today will be there to be used another day.

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