Helping Earthquake Victims in Peru While Saving the Environment, 31°


In December 2007
Punta del Este, Uruguay


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About This Project 

In India in October, I was at an International Round Square Conference, (Youth at schools worldwide who want to make a difference) where I made friends with some of the Peruvians from Markham College in Lima. They are involved with service projects to help those left destitute and education-less by the earthquake.

In the town of Chincha, more than 300 schools were destroyed. Other Aid groups have managed to re-construct only 4. People are still homeless.

I am looking at a way to use recyclable materials to create building materials that can withstand environmental factors and work towards reducing accumulating waste in Uruguay. Eventually if it all works!?... I plan to employ unemployed local woman to help me in my efforts. So Step 1 of my idea is to make tarpaulins out of plastic shopping bags [by ironing them together] that can be used to create makeshift shelters... see link below. More news as I get further down the road!

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