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In August 2008
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Judy D., 7 years, 10 months ago

Great to hear about your son's project! Where in the US are you located?

Virginia L., 7 years, 9 months ago

I stopped using plastic bags several months ago. I have several sturdy and washable canvas bags that I use when I shop. My closets are SO much cleaner and less cluttered now!

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About This Project 

My 8 year old son is doing a Cub Scout conservation porject to teach people how dangerous plastic bags are for the enviornment and to encourage them to use reusable shopping bags. He would like to hand out reusable bags and informational flyers. At the end of the project he will give a short speach at is pack meeting on what he has learned and what he has done.

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1 Project Update 

I appreciate any help or ideas in August 2008 by Krystl W.

If anyone has some ideas that might help I would greatly appreciate it. I'm also wondering if there is anybody who would be willing to donate some reusble bags for us to hand out.