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Michael L., 8 months, 3 weeks ago

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About This Project 

Dear protectors of Earth,

I was always sad about the way the Earth is treated and global warming causes. I was wondering what is the thing that our world needs the most on global and local level, because we are destroying ourselves. I came up with an enormous amount of ideas about saving the humanity (but I knew I could not do it alone). We are so in stress and diversified that anything can cause chaos.

Also, we are so manipulated by secret groups of people who also live in fear. We are caught in a trap made from greed and violence. The old system is shaking. So I came up with suggestions that can be applied in our lives in order to save humanity, Earth, unite us, spread love and New Paradigm, etc. I put it all together into a website project (description below). But I know I cannot make it alone so I need help, especially help from good-hearted and intelligent people like you. You are all welcomed to join the site and/or provide valuable feedback. Thank you!

Rainbow Lights is a new website-based project where anyone is welcomed to discuss societal, environmental, moral, and spiritual issues. The mission is to face reality in a positive way. Most of us live in a chaotic and stressful mode and we often misunderstand our real meaning of life. We need to evolve and transform from our negative conscious and unconscious states into positive ones. We should not be focused on competition but rather we should cooperate. It is also the basis of this project. Therefore everyone’s help is essential and needed.

Here are some major aspects of the transformation from negative into positive:

1.) Values – we need to change our values (many of us have none); the values should be positive ones
2.) Connection – we should realize that everything is interconnected (even from scientific perspective; there is an article about it on the website)
3.) Environment – our environment is essential for us, we need to preserve it and change our attitude toward it
4.) System – we need to develop more efficient and environment-friendly technologies, we need to transform our entire system so it fits our values; we also need to develop good habits

Rainbow Lights project also focuses on personality development including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual side of it. It is essential that we understand ourselves so we can understand anything else. We have complete control over ourselves and our mind. If we utilize the control, we will not be easily programmed by others and disempowering circumstances. The website contains forum and groups for open discussion and cooperation.

There is also a big load of New Age knowledge including synchronicity, ethereal bodies, good and bad, symbols, archetypes, working with light, protection and healing, ancestors, and aliens. The purpose of the site is to make things easy to understand yet not limited. People need to understand their inner power, imagination, and how they can connect with All That Is. Then we can heal ourselves and our relationships to others.
Anyone can share their interesting, unusual, or society-evolution-related experiences and poems. One part of the project is also video material (guides …). We need to think holistically and realize we should build a strong connection in our relationships so we can unite in the most positive way.

Rainbow Lights

1 Project Update 

Videos in December 2013 by Michael L.

The website is designed to help every person on this world in the most positive way. It is something between blog, book, cooperation place, and open discussion. Everyone is very welcomed there.

This short video explains how to use the site.

A poem by Michael Logony.
Please visit us to help society, environment, and all of people.