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In November 2010
California, United States


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About This Project 

Did you know… most recyclers charge you a fee to come and collect your e-waste. Why not? You don’t want to go all the way down to the recycler to get rid of that old computer. Hey – we can’t blame you. That’s why we developed GREENspot DROPoff.

At GREENspot DROPoff we’ve partnered with local storage facilities, and the recyclers to make e-waste disposal easy and free for you! You just go to your local GREENspot DROPoff location – usually a storage facility –sign out your e-waste by filling out the DROPoff Log (it’s the law) and then DROPoff those old electrical items. It’s that easy! But more than easy, it’s free for you!

Our goal at GREENspot DROPoff is to go beyond free and easy recycling, to help our communities while helping the environment. So more than just a convenience DROPoff network, we’ve partnered with local schools and charities to help raise money. We call it our TWOgreens program – charities get GREEN while going GREEN. Get it?

That’s who we are.

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2 Project Updates 

SD Storage Launches E-Waste Collection Program in November 2010 by Megan N.

SD Storage in San Diego is partnering with GreenSpot DropOff, setting up collection centers at its self-storage facilities to offer free and convenient e-waste recycling for tenants.

Six of nine SD Storage locations have been outfitted with GreenSpot DropOff collection stations. Rather than paying a recycling company’s fees collect e-waste, tenants can simply drop off their old electrical items while at the facility.

Obsolete computers, old monitors, broken copy machines, or other unwanted or unused electrical items can be left at one of these stations for proper disposal. California state law mandates electronic items be recycled because some materials within many of these electronic devices are classified as hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of in landfills or by local trash-collection services. In addition, the metals used in these devices can be recycled, which helps preserve resources and protects the planet by reducing the amount of new metals that have to be mined.

Electronic discard is one of the most rapidly rising segments of the waste stream in the United States. According to, researchers estimate nearly 75 percent of old electronic devices are in storage, partly due to the uncertainty of how to properly manage the materials.

SD Storage hopes by setting up these e-waste stations tenants will be motivated to recycle their unwanted electronic devices rather than discarding them in areas where they could potentially pose a threat to the environment.

Current SD Storage e-waste drop off locations include these facilities: Escondido, National City, North San Marcos, Pacific Beach, South San Marcos and Vista.

Camelot Moving To Become E-waste Drop Spot in November 2010 by Megan N.

Camelot Moving and Storage has become a new e-waste drop-off location through an arrangement with GREENspot DROPoff—and local charities and schools can register to profit from this venture.

GREENspot DROPoff describes e-waste as anything with circuitry, excluding appliances, which is not allowed in the trash, and needs to be properly recycled and repurposed by state law. Common examples of e-waste are televisions, fax machines, all computer components, DVD players, radios, and cables and cords. Cell phones are also now accepted.

Billy Kornfeld, owner of Camelot, was approached about the idea of becoming a dropoff location at a networking meeting.

“I’m always looking for ways to make our company more green,” he said. “When I learned about the $1 donation per item to schools, that made the Green spot program sound even better.”

Each time someone drops off e-waste at a GREENspot DROPoff location, they have the opportunity to write in a charity name in the “referred by” line. GREENspot DROPoff will then pay that group $1 for each eligible e-waste item. Any interested school or nonprofit should contact

E-waste can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Saturday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Camelot office is located at 28040 Industry Drive, west of Interstate 5 and just north of the 126 freeway.

While e-waste only makes up about two percent of our landfills, GREENspot DROPoff said it contributes to about 70 percent of toxic waste. E-waste leaches mercury and other toxins in our soil, which then find their way into the water supplies.

Family-owned and operated Camelot Moving and Storage ( began in April 1986 in Newhall, California, with one small moving truck and a few packing supplies. Now a leader in the Santa Clarita Valley, the company offers local and long-distance moves, short-term and long-term storage, self storage, commercial and residential moves of all types, and packing service and supplies. Always green conscious, Camelot packing supplies – boxes and packing paper – are 70-100 percent recycled materials.

The Camelot family has built strong client relationships in its 25 years providing customized service to its clientele. Any questions about the e-waste program can be directed to Kornfeld at 661-255-3112.

For more information on GREENspot DROPoff, visit