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About This Project 

Combat Global Warming by helping the less fortunate!

We help preserve the environment by improving energy efficiency for low income homes.

Why? Global Warming is happening now and we, humans, have the power to take actions in order to stop the devastating effects. The only way we can achieve this is by fighting Global Warming together.

Action: We are going to lower carbon emissions from 3 low income homes.
Effects: This will prevent 100 tons of CO2 from going into the atmosphere during the next 10 years.

By doing this, we not only help the environment but also we help those in need.

How you can help?
Join us @
Offset 3 tons of CO2 from your personal carbon footprint by contributing with $25. By doing this, it's like not using your car for 6 months.

We believe in:
* Today, people are more aware of Global Warming and they're willing to help stopping it in anyway possible.
* People know by now that some of their activities may contribute to Global Warming. That's why they look for ways to offset their carbon footprint.
* We, humans, are social by nature and lean on our communities. And when someone needs us, we urge to help. Even more when it also benefits ourselves.

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