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In December 2010
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About This Project 

Our program, Life Needs Water, will install INSTANT-OFF and schools will be able save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year! The schools will achieve savings of $7,500 (on avg.). They will then be able to reinvest those savings into much needed projects such as purchasing computers, books, band equipment, sporting equipment...whatever they feel necessary. Not only will it save the schools a lot of money and water, INSTANT-OFF also reduces the spread of germs because students never have to touch faucet handles!

If you can get your school involved with Life Needs Water, we will provide water conservation education flash cards for teachers (1 deck for every 10 students) and a water conservation educational video. We can start a change in how we use water at an early age and we can save our limited fresh water supply. Remember, Life Needs Water!

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