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In April 2008
Pasadena, United States
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Eliav Bitan, 7 years, 3 months ago

Hey Anais,
I think you'll be interested in this project. Its a community garden started by Columbia University Students right on campus in New York City. The link is here:
You should link it from your project, or get in touch with Becky about advice etc.

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About This Project 

Freedom Gardens of the World is the latest initiative of the now seven year journey taken by the pioneers at Path to Freedom. Based on their years of experience of growing and eating their own food from their ordinary urban residential lot, the Dervaes family is challenging others around the world to grow their own food and become as self-sufficient as possible.

If people are able to plant their own food, they can take back control from the corporate food system on which they have become dependent. Further, a primary cause of war, violence, poor health, and disease—world hunger—can be eradicated if people have the opportunity to grow and eat their own food. The goal of Freedom Gardens is to spread this revolutionary message!

The Freedom Gardens website - - is a place where people can gather to learn and be inspired and, in turn, teach and inspire others.

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